Monday, September 13, 2010


It's been a while since my last update. Almost 2 weeks plus had passed since Merdeka. Well, blame it on the lack of inspiration. Or maybe it's my lazy bone kicking in. Somehow, I just don't feel like writing anything on my blog without really having anything to say. Not that I have anything to say now, but...Take it as a call to a long lost friend asking how he/she is doing and telling the world that I'm still alive.

Anyhow, it's already the second week of the two week break we had for the Raya celebration. Originally, I thought of staying back in Penang to work, to find some extra cash to fund my very costly expeditions next year, but, due to my brotherly duty of teaching my sister Maths for her upcoming STPM exam(with I barely did until today which is totally not my fault!), I went back home. Then, I was like wanting to go back early to do the piles of works that keep on piling high but, well, having fun and meeting up with old and new friends seem to take over the desire to work. What to do, I'm a really lazy fella.

That's basically what I did for the last week, going out meeting with friends, having lunch and dinner with them, while stuffing myself with home cooked meals. Well, it's really stuffing as the portion back home is freaking crazy. It's like a feast for 5 to 6 people where the house only have like 3 adults and one child, all of which eat very little. So, I ended up swallowing to avoid wasting.

Karaoke session with that bunch of people is always fun, especially that entertainer friend of ours. Dinner at Michaelangelo's is really worth the value and it's not really expensive to begin with. Meeting up with Nava is really nice considering it's been more than two years, I think, since we last met. Need to hang out with him this week again this week before both of us heading back to our universities respectively. Then, getting to meet with new friends, Sarah and Pui Yun, well, it's nice, to say the least.

How comes holidays have to end so freaking fast???