Friday, April 30, 2010

Ip Man 2

So many sleeping hours not fulfilled just to do last minute brushing-ups for these last two days just for the the two morning papers which ended this morning and what a waste of my sleep. Totally unproductive the hours spent studying. Not gonna care about it since it's already over until the day results are out.

So, after that paper ended, we went to watch Ip Man 2. By we, I mean this fella and this fella plus unexpected (not really unexpected lar) inclusions of few other fellas. How popular is the movie compared with another massive sequel out on the same day (Iron Man 2, in case some of you had no idea)? Well, Iron Man 2 did extremely well, with the only available seatings for all the time slots from today till Sunday are the front rows. But Ip Man 2 ain't that bad for when we entered the cinema hall, it's was fully-packed.

So, is Ip Man 2 any better than the first movie? Well, basically, for me, Ip Man 2 is just the same as the first one, with the changes in settings, villians, and also with few additional new characters. Watched the first during the CNY, therefore, the story still fresh in my mind but anyhow, I still think it's worth the money spent.

A great martial art movie, it showcased and promoted Wing Chun to people. The dexterity of the hand movement of Donnie Yen was so fast that every punch feels like bullet from a gun. I like how Sammo Hung's character and Donnie's interacted. One was a well-respected but slightly corrupted master whose age had caught up with him while the other was a noble gentleman who believe in dignity and integrity.

The character development for Sammo's was a good one though I don't agree with his action which led to his demise. I mean, yea, accepting that fight with the Ang Moh wrestler to defend Chinese martial art when that Ang Moh talked trash about it show the patriotic side of him and I truly believe that the reason for his corruption was due to the situation of life and not of his want. But to fight till death even he himself knew of his shortcomings and his family, to me, a bit reckless. Too patriotic. Like what Ip Man said to him during their short second fight, " Is determining the winner more important than having dinner with your family? "

The much-lauded fight between Sammo and Donnie truly lift up the expectation. But the stereotypical 'Westerners-look-down-on-Chinese-people' is a bit, well, cliche. Last time it's the Japanese. Now, the Ang Mohs. Even I find the purpose of some new characters reflected back to the first movie. Kent Cheng played what Lam Ka-tung had played in the first movie. The essences of Hiroyuki Ikeuchi (General Miura, the karate expert) and Shibuya Tema (Sato) were reflected by Darren Shahlavi (boxer Twister) and an unnamed actor who played the corrupted cop, Wallace. Pierre Ngo is the new Simon Yam in the movie. The sequences of the movie also somehow a mirror image of the first one. Well, life's a series of repeated same stories with different surroundings and people.

Overall, a very nice movie who had its touching moments and many awesome fight scenes. Luckily, Donnie Yen himself expressed no interested in coming back for Ip Man 3 as he felt there's no more stories worth exploring. Unless it's about Bruce Lee. Read it somewhere.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kelly Clarkson Live In Malaysia

In about an hour plus, Kelly Clarkson will grace our Stadium Bukit Jalil for the first time after almost 8 years being in the entertainment circuit and the sad thing about it is that I can't witness her stage presence. While it's not really all I ever wanted to do, it's definitely on my high list of concerts to attend such he/she ever comes to Malaysia.

Why can't I go? Well, that stupid English exam of mine which is on tomorrow morning that I can't breakaway from. If only that paper is on the afternoon then I for sure will go for it. A moment like this is very hard to come by. Unlike Chinese singers who can have their concerts whenever, wherever in Malaysia they want, concerts from the Western singers are of extremely low rate that once they staged their concerts, the chances of seeing them again are already gone.

I'm not really a big fan of her but I do like her music. I do not hook up to her songs but whenever it's on radio, I'll always enjoy it. Never again will I get the chance of seeing her performing at Malaysia soil again.

Wonders what it's like hearing her live???

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Echoes Of The Rainbow

Echoes of the Rainbow (歲月神偷), an award-winning Hong Kong movie starring Simon Yam and Sandra Ng, about the life of a shoemaker and his wife in the 60's through the eyes of their youngest son, is worthy of all the praises and awards it won for it's really a wonderful movie that had me in tears at the end of it.

The first act of the movie was the innocence of childhood, of the relationship of the youngest son and his brother while the second act went all sappy and sad due to the typhoon and leukemia the brother had. The youngest son reminded of my own youngest sister, the innocence of children and the carefree world they lived in.

Money well spent on the movie, even though I watched it for free.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Exams Have Begun!

Exam weeks officially begun! Good luck to all USM students who will be taking their finals throughout the three weeks and also those who are currently on the battlefields. May God at your side.

Also, all the best to those who are facing the problems like us USM-ers. Buena suerte.

Oh yea, my laptop officially crashed, yet again! God knows when it's gonna stop crashing.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

BR Freeze My Pink Day Contest

HELP!!! Me and my friend took part in the Baskin-Robbins Freeze My Pink Day Contest and we need you guys to vote for us. How to do so? It's easy.

1st, join Baskin-Robbins Malaysia Facebook fan page.

2nd, click this link and click 'like'.

It's as easy as that. So, do help me!!! I'll forever in debt with your kindness. Voting ends on the 20th April 2010. Pretty please???

Our entries...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baskin-Robbins Pink Day

Today's being Wednesday, it's Baskin-Robbins Pink Day. Show them anything pink and I can get a double jr. scoop at the price of one. And the best thing is I'll get it for free thanks to a friend of mine. Hehe.

But after searching high and low around my room, the only remotely pink wearable stuff is this tee and it's not pink to begin with but just a small part of it being in pink.

Just that small part of pinkness...

If this won't work, I guess I'll have to show them this:

My pink blanket...

Hopefully, that shirt will do...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

12 April (Part 2)

So, my friends followed me back Ipoh on the 11 April since we got nothing to do anyway and it's study week. We stopped by Butterworth for a while before heading to Ipoh for a quickie tour around it. Well, nothing much about Butterworth and with the piercing weather, it's insane to explore around without a car. We ended up touring around USM Engineering Campus at Nibong Tebal. Luckily, I didn't really applied for any engineering courses for if I did ended up there, I'll rot to death. There's nothing except trees and trees.

Then, Ipoh we went and we reached around 5pm. We bathed and rested at my house. Basically, just to refresh ourselves. Then, we went out for dinner. Since night life at Ipoh is ever dull, we went to bowling while we waited for a friend of ours to join us later.

Typically Ipoh lifestyle at night, we went to Papparich at De Garden for yumcha. There, they pulled a 'mock' 'surprise' birthday celebration for me and by 'surprise' i kinda expected this and by 'mock', this so called celebration is a prank. They punk'd me!

At Papparich...

Don't be fooled by the Material paper bag...

The real surprise birthday celebration came in the morning of 12 April. We went to fetch my friend at her house and they pulled out a cake. And a real birthday present too. After lunch, we went to Lost World of Tambun. Four of us already been there before but the two of them didn't play enough the last time we went there.

The real cake...
The 'wet' group shot...
...and the dried up one...

After that, dinner with my family before we went yumcha again at Station 1 Cafe and Tong Shui Kai. On the 13 April, we went back USM.

I wanted to thank all of you again for wishing me happy birthday. All the SMSes and Facebook wall notes I received, thank you so much! And deep thanks to XH, Kk, Fish, Ling^2, and my family for celebrating with me at Ipoh. 谢谢你们!!!

The earliest gift I received from Chi Fang...
My sister's present...
The prank present...
And the real one from the quadruplet...
Even the Government knew of my birthday and gave me a present...

12 April (Part 1)

12 of April came and went with a speed of light. Thanks to everyone who wished me and also deep gratitude to those who celebrated with me on my birthday. I'll update my blog later today (13 April) as I'm rather tired already and I'll be heading back USM later this morning.

Again, thanks!

Friday, April 9, 2010

And Now, It's The End of Lesson

And like that, today's morning lecture was the last for this semester. Study week will officially begin tomorrow and after the one week off, we will be facing final like previous semesters. After all the tests are over, some will be doing internships while some will be working as research assistants. Some will be busy with tournaments while some will be hunting for part time jobs to earn some extra pocket money. Some will laze around at home, enjoying the comfort and joys of being surrounded with families and close friends. Some will be using the long holidays traveling here and there, searching for new adventures and experiences. Some might do soul searching or some might be using the break to study, preparing for the upcoming semester.

There's infinite plans on how to spend the upcoming holidays yet at this precise moments, nothing seems to be popping in my head. Maybe I'm waiting for the right inspiration to hit me on what should I be doing with the coming holidays. Should I join the bandwagon and accept that allowance-less internship? Should I be hunting for some part-time job to pass the time? Should I just strap myself with a few luggages and embark to a new place, a new surrounding? Or should I just eat, sleep, eat, sleep back at home until next semester begin?

There's still time for me to decide on what should I be doing for the semester break. Maybe I should just stick with the current plan, as in enjoys every single present moment. Sometimes, life's too short to plan ahead in time. Who knows, I might *touch wood* die before the holidays even begin. Hehe.

My head is getting real dizzy already. I should get some sleep now since I already done and passed up that assignment already. Night, people!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010



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