Sunday, January 31, 2010

Caught Dead With Flu

Damn you, Mr Sun. Your blaring light and blazing heat made walking under your nose unbearable. A short five minutes walk and somehow, my tee turned all soggy and wet. Such intense weather made you simply want to hide in a perfectly air-conditioned room with ice cold drink by your side. But wet tee and cool air don't mix along well and taa daa, sickness comes along. And when one comes, the others will slowly join us and, like the saying goes, the more, the merrier. Not for me in this case. With phlegm reigning somewhere along the trachea, mucus dripping from my nose, slight feverish, tomorrow doesn't look promising. Or maybe it will... As if all this isn't enough, there's the impending oral presentation which I could be the lucky one tomorrow to present and currently, only 50% of it is considered done. And I'm still gambling with the laptop, as if it's the cure of my disease. Maybe it is... Anyhow, hopefully, tomorrow I could just lay resting on my bed, refusing to wake up, ignoring the works to be done tomorrow............

Wishful thinking.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Tooth Fairy

Well, I guess all musclemen in Hollywood have to go through the phase of starring in kiddie movies at some point of their careers. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vin Diesel, Jackie Chan, and others had done it and there's no exception for Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson too. All musclemen have to succumb to B-rate family flicks after strings of action films.

Tooth Fairy, a kiddie comedy with The Rock as its starring vehicle, is as predictable as it could be. An ice hockey player who is killing kids' dreams, he was summoned by the Fairyland council to serve term as a tooth fairy. Usual comedy gigs and the moral lesson with happy ending applied.

Even with all the unoriginality, it's still fairly entertaining though not worth the RM 10 I'm paying for. Who ask me to be so freaking bored that I just wanna go to the cinema to have a movie experience???

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Young and Old Befuddlement

Somehow, it's been implemented inside every one of us that when there's a conflict between the young and the old, mostly the young will ends up apologizing. It doesn't really matter who's right or who's wrong. How accurate is this statement, I don't really know, but, I think, sometimes, I'm like that.

What triggers this thought? Well, this morning, I was heading to the Language Centre for my 4 hours of language classes, 2 hours for Chinese, 2 for Spanish. Most of the students were just finished their classes as I was heading to mine. There are two flights of stairs for us to climb to reach a floor and the stairs can only fit in two peoples walking side by side, with just some space between them and the wall.

So, as I was climbing up those stairs and almost reaching the end of the flight when there's two female lecturers, I presume, began to descend that flight of stairs that, just two more steps would end my climbs. They were chatting and laughing to themselves, oblivious of my presence, while I was standing still, deciding what to do. With two of them standing side by side, they already took up 90% of the space.

I thought, maybe I could just squeeze through them and go on to my class. So, I walked on and ended up brushing the shoulder of the one standing closest to me. Suddenly, her conversation was stopped and she looked at me and gave me a "Hey!" as if I had molested her or something and stupid me, standing there, apologizing for something that's so not my fault. When that "Sorry!" came out of my mouth, I continued with my journey to my class.

Honestly, what was she expect me to do, jump back down and let Your Highness descend the great stairs? You're the one who should be letting me finished my flight before going down if you were to brace each other elbows and walking side by side. Inconsiderate aunties.

Another random post. So uninspired these few days.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Prosperity Burger Hypothesis

Ever wonders what so great about McDonald's Prosperity Burger? I mean, what so great about it that we can't have it for the entire whole year and not just the during the Chinese New Year? Not like that we are heading to the road of fortune with every bite we took. In fact, should anyone who ever get prosper, it's the CEO of McDonald's. Me and my roommate were eating the Prosperity Burger when he said something about them getting prosper and not us. Then, my mind starts to swirl around and around, filled with thoughts.

So, here's my theory on the Prosperity Burger:

Point 1
Imagine that Prosperity Burger were made available for the whole year long. With the new marketing plan, the name 'Prosperity Burger' no longer appropriate 'cause it can't possible be prosper for the whole year right? When it's on the month of Chinese New Year, it works its magic well, but definitely not the whole year. Then, possible new name? Black Pepper Burger. When the novelty of it was lose, then sales of it would decrease.

Point 2
Then, with the all year round thing, they can't charge high like what they did now. I mean, RM 11.80 for the whole set? Way too expensive. So, new price is set which should be less than RM10, like the rest of the McValue Meals. Less profit earned. But with new and lower price surely means more customers, right? Possibly, but not necessary. Refer to Point 1.

Point 3
And that Twisted Fries that comes along with it? You go to Tesco or Giant and you can buy a pack of it with the money they charged us for that size. It might work for Prosperity Burger but definitely not for Black Pepper Burger.

The whole thing about Prosperity Burgers being made available for a certain period of time is a business gimmick created to trick people into buying it. People have the tendency to buy items that are of limited edition or collector's item even there's no practical use to it. With such idea in mind, McD exploits the very weak spot of humans and starts pilling up profits. In the end, it's prosperity for them, poverty - both in financial and health matters - for us.

I rest my case.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Haunted Universities

I tell you, there's a moment I wish the movie would just end right there. Or maybe I just took off from the cinema, never to return for the movie. But I can't. Mostly because I already paid for the ticket. And also it's a midnight show, meaning there's no shopping to be done while I wait for my friends should I ran off.

Haunted Universities poster

A time wasting movie. I can't believe I spent around 1 hour 45 minutes for such a brainless movie. It's not scary to begin with. In fact, at the start of the movie which began with the first of its four stories, the 'ghosts' in that story simply looked so cheap. It reminded me of those Malays horror movies with those cheap looking effects and make-up. Even some are way better than it. Since when did Thai horror movies degraded to such status?

And the storyline. Throughout the whole movie, the only plausible link for the four stories is Muay, a young lady worked with the ambulance, I guessed, and I'm stretching here. Choppy editing. Bad make-ups. Cheap scares. The only saving grace is the some funny moments in it. Yes, it's a horror movie with some comedy elements in it.

Not worth watching it, I would say, if you asked me.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Own 'Paranormal Activity' Experience

Heard of the movie 'Paranormal Activity', the one that claimed to cause a lot of people leaving the cinemas during the screening? The one that 'guarantee' to leave you nightmares upon watching it?

The movie that gives nightmares...

Last week, me and my friends went to watch it at night. While I find it very interesting and exciting, the same can't be said for my friends. One of them experienced motion sickness, a rather common thing from watching documentary-styled movie. The same thing happened to another friend of mine when we watched 'Cloverfield', another documentary-styled movie, this time it's a monster flick.

So, back to the movie. At first, it began rather slow as it explained about Katie's being stalked by a demon. Then, it began to pick up the momentum as the demon started to get more aggressive due to Katie's stupid boyfriend. You know, when you are being haunted by demon, the best thing you can do is to kick your boyfriend out and end the relationship if he started to take recordings to prove the existence of it and played Quija board to try to communicate with the demon, which he was warned against it.

Oh, yea. The story of the movie. It was supposed to be a found footage of a couple who experienced paranormal activities revolving the girl, Katie. The guy decided to record the whole things as a proof of sort to the paranormal stuffs.

There's a scene in the movie where the couple was sleeping soundly around 2/3am where the supernatural being paying them a visit. The door to the room was closed and the recorder was facing that direction. The door then slowly opened up with no one in sight and the creaking sound of the door was heard. Then, when it was opened up wide, suddenly, it was closed with a bang! Which woke the couple up naturally.

I think here's the closing door scene...

Here's my version of the paranormal activity. I was in toilet, attending to my own 'business' when I heard the sound of the creaking door. The toilet was deserted, as in there's no one at all. The slow creaking sound of the door closing was heard throughout my time in toilet. Creepy stuff.

When I finished my 'business', I investigated the whole creaking sound only to found out that the entrance door to the toilet was unable to close properly and had a tendency to close itself if without the cork or something to stop it closing. In my mind, the closing door scene in the movie kept flashing back during my time in the toilet. Luckily, I was a sensible person, therefore, I didn't really afraid. So, there's the deal.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Primary School

Last Friday, I got to fetch my sister to school for the first time. The atmosphere the school had is almost like those of a prison. I mean, the main gate was closed, prohibiting anyone from entering without authorisation. There's a guard standing at the side gate, letting only students entered the school premise while parents and guardians were stopped before the gate. It was such a highly-secured building that the notion of a child went missing would caused disbelief, I think.

Giving me a stupid pose before fetching her to school...

Then, when it's time to fetch her back, you can see there's parents standing crowding outside the main gate and side gate, waiting for it to open. When the children came out from their classrooms, you can hear the excitement from them. And parents' too. Parents started to rush in, only to receive loud whistles from the mighty guard. The whole scenes were like sending prisoners to prison in the morning and the prisoners were released after their imprisonments.

Such management is actually quite a good thing for children these days are vanishing off the air like magic. It's better to prevent than to regret. Just that, I was wondering if they could do it with less prison-style.

Friday, January 15, 2010


My laptop was sent away for some touching here and there so that it'll be a smooth ride again when it return, which is around 2 to 3 weeks. Which means, I'll be bored to damn without my entertainment source with me when I'm back in Penang.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010



What the f*ck is going on??? Why suddenly my laptop stop responding??? As if the constant blinking of the LCD not worse enough, here comes another problem for me to fix. Stupid, stupid laptop.

Have to go and have it analysed and fix. And since it'll be at the computer shop, I'll ask them to get rid of the blinking the stupid LCD keep showing to me.


Monday, January 11, 2010

OMFG, It's So F**king Boring!

Currently, I'm sitting in a stupid lecture, bored to death. So bored am I that I need my blog to write some crap, whatever crap, to fill in the time. It's just the 3rd out of 14 lectures for the whole semester, how am I gonna survive?????? To make it worst, it's one of those unavoidable core courses. If only I can drop this crap shit..........

Till then la, I'm gonna go search for entertainment in the beautiful creation of World Wide Web.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Maths Trip: Done!

Tired! Damn freaking tired! And sleepy too! So wanna sleep right now.

Just came back from the Maths trip to KL. It was tired, but fun, nevertheless.

We gathered at the PALAPES field at around 11.30pm on Friday, waiting for departure at 12.30am. Of course, being Malaysian, we all know how much we value the punctuality, so there's the 1 hour gap between the gathering time and the departing time.

Not much sleep for me in the bus as I need to constantly checked for the number of people in the bus whenever there's a stop at the Perhentian. They made 2 stops throughout the ride, always disrupting my sleep.

The 70 of us...excluding the cameraman la...

Therefore, when we finally reached National Science Centre, most of us were insufficient of sleep that we don't really much enjoys the Da Vinci Exhibition. There's quite a lot of fascinating displays of Da Vinci's works, especially those that seems impossible during his time. Too bad there's no photo taking allowed but I managed to snap a photo of Mona Lisa. Almost got caught, but managed to escape unscratched.

National Science Centre
Ticket for the exhibition
Mona Lisa
So tired till we can't stand it...

After that, we went to the next destination, 1Utama. We had our lunches at Fish and Co. Of course not the whole 70 of us as we all spread out. After that, our own bowling competition. The funny thing is, we excos managed to secure the third prize. Haha. Nothing valuable la. Low budget event. We headed back around 7pm, with a stop at Tapah for dinner.

My lunch

Some of the actions...
Us with the prize

Reached back USM around 12am. Luckily, the event went smoothly, though not without hiccups. All the worst case scenarios never came true, thanks God for that. And all came back in the same amount we set off and in one piece. Haha.

So gonna sleep now. Nights!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Maths Trip

This morning, I woke up with a small, bruised area on my palm which I totally had no idea how I get it in the first place. I was trying to recall last night's event but quite a fuzzy to me. Even fuzzier than the fuzzy MADM that I'm supposed to study but had been ignored. Don't care la.

Don't think can see at the was much deeper in colour, I mean the bruise...

Anyway, later, I'll be heading to KL for the annual Maths trip. This time, we'll be in Pusat Sains Negara (National Science Centre) for the Da Vinci's Exhibition. RJ went for it already and it's quite good, apparently. It's only been held in 4 locations and our National Science Centre was lucky enough to be one of the chosen one. More about it after I came back.

After that, we'll be at 1Utama for fun and relaxation. Haha, this is, I think, the main point for quite a lot of people in the trip. More shopping then.

Till then, adios.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2

They are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They sing well too, with high pitch voices, which amplifies their cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!

But after all these novelties run off their charms, it's plain old simple and predictable movie. There's the cue for laughter, the redemption storyline, the hero-saves-them-all, the cheesy love story, the final frame where all's well, end well.

But really, I was just like a lifeless doll, eyes fixed on the screen, without any emotions for it can't bring out any from me. At least, there's some nice high-pitched singing that are still enjoyable for me to endure the movie.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sherlock Holmes Review

Hmm. Sherlock Holmes. It's not bad actually but it's a little bit hard for me to catch what they were saying for it was a bit fast so have to rely on the subtitles. Embarrassing but I'm used to it. There's quite a lot of humors in the movie, especially the exchanges between Holmes and Watson.

The story revolves around Holmes trying to solve the superstitious case involving Lord Blackwood. I'm lazy to sum up the story, so here's the link itself.

The movie does flesh out Holmes as an experienced and observant detective. His analytic skill is to die for. While Rachel McAdams' character, Irene Adler, however hard they tried to sell her as a femme fatale, she still somehow ended up being saved by Holmes.

All in all, maybe upon second watching, I might actually loved it.

*A very lazy entry, I know*

Friday, January 1, 2010

Countdown At Queensbay Is...


Come on, with those rocking songs in the Countdown Concert, for sure it's a night set for awesomeness. With a host of mostly Malaysian singers, the concert would have a poor outing if without the crowd pullers in the form of Power Station and TANK.

So, me and a bunch of friends, my coursemates, we went to Queensbay Mall around 7pm. We all had the tickets for the concert for free, thanks to our friend. Since it's a free concert, we thought that it's those VIP tickets only to find out that it's just those special tickets, better than those without tickets but definitely nothing VIP about it.

The aforementioned tickets - 6 of them!

Boys, the road to Queensbay were nothing but cars. I mean, it's almost like we were parking along the road - there's almost no movements at all. Thanks God we took the alternative road, the one along Bukit Gambir, to Queensbay, if not, I wonder till what time can we reached our destination. Even with the alternative road, we only parked our car at around 7.45pm and the concert started at 7pm.

Ever the smart ones we are, we skipped those opening acts which were performed by Malaysian singers whose names most of them unknown to me. We went to hunt for food in a crowded Queensbay, at least, all the restaurants and food courts. High and low we searched only to end up in Queens Food Market aka food court.

At around 9.30pm, we went to the concert, with Eric Lim, the Malaysian singer best known for his hit, 听见有人叫你宝贝。 So lucky we managed to reach on time of his rendition of the song. I love the song a lot.

Eric Lim

After him, it's another Malaysian veteran female singer, rather famous, according to my friends, but I had no idea who is she. Haha. Played around with my camera to waste the time since I'm not interested in her performances.

The moon and the stage - beautiful full moon
Showing middle finger...haha...
Moving camera...
The banana tee I had - my statement...
Friends of mine - the non-bananas...haha
Spotted a guy with sparkling glasses
Manhand, another Malaysian act - quite good though

After that and another Malaysian hip hop band, Manhand, in come TANK!!!! All the crowds went WILD!!!!!!!!!!


He sang quite a number of songs, most of them I heard before, either from radios or during those K sessions I had with my coursemates here. Going karaoke with my coursemates is a great source of hearing some nice Chinese songs I'm not familiar with.

After about 45 minutes or less, Tank's time is over and another Taiwanese power house took over. 动力火车 (POWER STATION)!!!

Another 40 minutes plus performances by 动力火车 and it's approaching midnight! All the stars came back out to countdown with us.

Counting down with us...







8 minutes of firework displays at the back of the stage - stupid!

After the fireworks, it's time for ENCORE!!!! Collaboration between Tank and 动力火车!!! Rocking awesome!!!

Tank and 动力火车...

And then it's over........We ended 2009 with a bang!!!!!

Happy 2010!

Happy New Year, peoples!!!

We had entered a brand new year of 2010 and like the saying goes, new year, new beginning. I like to take this as a chance for reinvention or maybe improve myself further. And what's new year without new year resolution?

This year, I just had a few resolutions. Firstly, achieve a healthy lifestyle. Secondly, work hard, play hard. Lastly, enjoys life to the utmost. Haha. A very general one.

Anyway, I just came back from the New Year Concert held at Queensbay Mall with friends, and, boys, what a heck of a night. More details will be out later after a good night sleep for me. ;P