Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Last Week Before The Holidays...

The last week before the mid semester break is full of mid term tests and assignments that to be due this week. What a terrible way to spend the perfect weekend with the nice Merdeka break on Tuesday. If I were locking myself in the room studying and finishing assignments, which I should do and which I failed to do so. The weekend was spent cruising around Penang, with the exception of Sunday itself as there was a test on Monday morning.

To make things a bit clearer, this week before the holidays, on Monday, which already a past tense, I had a test in the morning and an assignment due later in the afternoon. Wednesday, another test and an assignment due. Come Friday, two more assignments. And before that weekend arrived, I had touched almost none of it, with the exception of the Monday-due assignment. Clear???

Now, Monday had came and gone, with the Merdeka holiday fully secured in the afternoon. Most likely, I'm gonna snored till around 11am like that what with the time I'm going to sleep later. Oh yea, I just came back from an outing which lasted for almost almost 8 hours. More information will be spilled later.

It will be busy days ahead what with all the writings needed to be done and readings needed to be finished. Well, there's always a price to be paid for all the enjoyment in life and I'm willing to carry the burden for I really do have fun these few days. Glad that I went for it.

Ooo ya, Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Ke-53 or Happy 53th Independence Day!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Selling P1Wimax Prepaid Modem Preloaded w RM100 Top-up

I'm selling this P1Wimax prepaid modem preloaded with RM100 of online time worth RM299. I already listed the item on eBay. I'm selling at the starting price of RM100. Here's the link to the item. Those who are interested can contact me for more information about the modem.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Planning (Need Money!)

Now that both my air flight tickets already secured, it's time to save up money and also find some part time works to generate some income. And it's also mean I need to resist the urge to buy stuffs that I want or that I like. Spending money is always easier than earning it.

Planning for the trip...Cambodia is approaching, in a year time. But it doesn't mean I can't plan where I want to go and what I want to do. This coming holidays I'm going to use it to plan for the trip, where to stay, check the budget, do the route planning, and so on. My target is to use less than RM1000 for the whole Cambodia trip. Hopefully, with good planning, will not be hard.

Next up, Macau. Which is so much longer than the Cambodia trip. Therefore, more time to plan for it. A must do in Macau is to bungee jumping. Again, hopefully, I save up enough so that I can spend without concerning too much about budget. At most, RM3000 hopefully?

After all these trips, I can declare myself bankrupt. And I still got more plans I want to execute after my last semester. But that would require financial support already. More on that later when details are more transparent.

And I have tonnes to buy also. Need money...Jobs, where are you???

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Graduation Trip to Cambodia!!!

While the excitements from going to Macau July next year is still in the air (for me, at least), another trip has been planned and air flights booked. This time, it's Cambodia! The whole thing is full of ups and downs, with less than one day of planning and off we go to execute the idea. I already predicted that AirAsia would not be possible to accommodate the huge numbers of us with its RM1 promotion but it is still affordable and cheap.

The booking process is very exhilarating, rushing to get those promotion seats. Luckily, almost everyone managed to secure a seat. It's like a potpourri of emotions. You'll get high, low, excited, disappointment, joy, frustration, happiness, anger, all at one go. I learned my lesson.

Anyhow, with air flights' done, now, it's time to plan the schedule. Can't wait to actually step my feet on their soils. I need to start saving already.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thank You, AirAsia!

Thanks to the people of AirAsia, I get to travel to Macau at such a low cost. AirAsia is having a mind-blowing promotion where fares are as low as RM1 only. Where can you get it at such prices anymore???

Since the air flights already settled, I'll be heading off to Macau July next year. I know, I know, it's still like almost a year away but the excitement is very elevated. Give me few more days and I'll be back to normal.

Ruins of St. Pauls
Macau without gambling??? Where can???

And, of course, BUNGEE JUMPING!!!!! Tonight I'm gonna sleep with a grin on my face!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

BBQ Gathering

For the first time after 2+ years of being coursemates, we finally had our first truly gathering, with all minus 2 managed to spare some of their extremely busy time to make this event a success. A great gratitude must goes to our M&E boss for joining us and also bought us Ferrero chocolates. ¡Muchos gracias! Another thanks must go to the Peking lady for the humor she brought to the whole house. You really worth RM120.

There is nothing special about the whole BBQ thing but it is nonetheless, a special thing, I hope, to all of us. I mean, how often do we all come out and hang out, releasing all our stresses and troubles, simply enjoying ourselves? Simply close to zero. Well, just one more year left for us all to go gila and we must treasure whatever time left to hang out.

From the whole shopping spree to the BBQ itself and to my experimental popcorn success, there's just too many sweet memories being captured and stored inside my mind. Even if I forgot who you are after 10 years (sorry to say so but my memory very char in term of names and faces...), I'll still remember this BBQ for as long as I live.

When we arrived 1st...
Then, all had reached the destination...
A 'formal' shot...the 'informal' one a bit blur...
BBQ in progress...

Friday, August 6, 2010


It was convocation time throughout this week - and still is. All our seniors were working so hard throughout their 3 academic years, and after the truly final exams, anxiously waiting for this moment, to wear those hideous purple gowns matched with those square caps, parading in front of thousands of gleaming eyes and million dollars smiles of their parents, receiving those certificates that certified you had indeed been an USM student.

Mathematics & Economic seniors...

Everyone was looking so handsome and pretty, with big wide smiles pasted all over their faces. It was like all their joys and happiness were seeped into my soul, making me simply just so happy for them. And in just one year, it will be my turn, our turns, the 08/09's turns. And one year is nothing but just a statement for when time flies, it truly flies without waiting for anyone.

An incomplete family shot, so to say...

I still remembered the first time I put my feet on the USM soil. Never had I imagined back then that I would be leaving this place in just one more year. So many sweet memories I had in this place. Wonders what installs for me after this phase??? Getting nostalgic when it was not me who is graduating...

Caps throwing ceremony...

So, after two year plus of being here in USM, what did I learn? Let me share with you some of the tidbits I learned...

  1. Time passes by so slowly when you are at Normee's reading session...
  2. However zillions languages you speak, you cannot understand Amir's lectures...
  3. Adam and Z. Ali is the couple from Borevilles...
  4. Whatever Michael taught, it won't appear in the final...
  5. If you understands Fatah, you are sure 发财...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Penang PC Fair 2010

These last 3 days, I was working for P1Wimax at the Penang PC Fair 2010. Quite a fun and unique experience for me. Here’s a brief gist on the 3 days of my work.

My uniform and tag

Horrible way to begin my work. I failed to do any sale on that day, mainly due to my slight language problem. I don’t know which language to use in so I stick to English and Malays most of the time. When I did use Mandarin and Hokkien, maybe due to my first day work, it felt and sounded bad. Haha…I was the only one with zero sale in my team.

Determined to fight today, I managed to score 6 sales, the highest in my team and was one of the top 3 top sellers. I believed it’s number two. Out of the 6 sales, one 1 I think is Chinese and it was my manager who helped me finish the deal. The rest were Malays. Somehow, language no longer a barrier and I used whichever languages needed for me to use. Definitely a great moment from zero to, well, not hero la but at least an almost one. Hehe…

My rewards for being one of the top sellers...

I still needed 3 more sales to hit the required targets and 3 I ended up with. By the time I already scored the last sale, I slacked off and produced a half-hearted job already. Haha…No longer have to work so hard already since I already done my part. But I still helped out here and there, helping people to settle their required targets. By the time the whole fair was almost over, the whole telco area was in a mess and filled with screams and shouts and cheers, trying to score some last minute sales.

Throughout the three days, at least all my food were covered, so, I barely spent a dime. It was surely fun and all, but the most dreadful thing would be the visit to the toilet. It was just next to the P1Wimax booth but when you enter the toilet, it’s like trespassing the hell gate. The room was filled with billowing fumes emitted from the cancerous sticks, making the release unbearable. If I were to have more toilet breaks, for sure I’ll be diagnosed with cancer.

Like I said, it is sure fun being able to hit the targets but it will not be so if I failed to do so. All the money earned and the rewards from the second day surely brought smiles on my face. Now, anyone wants to buy the Wiggy from me???

Here's the P1Wimax modem I'm selling...

Please leave a comment here if you want to buy it. I'm selling it off at just RM200. The modem itself is worth RM199 and it's preloaded with RM100 of 1 month of surfing the Net. I have only one modem, so, first come first serve. Here's the link to eBay listing.