Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kek Lok Si

So, last Wednesday night, me and my coursemates went to Kek Lok Si for some night viewings of the lighting the temple is famous for during Chinese New Year. It's my first visit even almost two years studying in Penang. It's was rather late when we began our journey - 9++pm - so, when we reached the destination, it's was almost 10pm. We just managed to tour a small part of the temple. Those that required climbing such as the pagoda and the Guan Yin statue, we didn't get to go. So, we'll be going tonight again (I think so) just for the purpose of visiting the pagoda and the bronze Guan Yin statue.

While still on the car...
Reaching the parking place...
The penang view from above...

I love the lanterns there...
I'm not sure what is their names...
Like I said, I like the lantern...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Still Awake at this Ungodly Hour

I'm back after a week hiatus! Not a planned thing, just lack of things to write during Chinese New Year. Oh yea, Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! We Chinese celebrated Chinese New Year for the whole 15 days, so everyday is still CNY till the last day of fifteen aka Chap Goh Meh. Anyway, enough about CNY unless you wanna give me ang pow. Then, it's CNY all year long!

Why am I still awake when at this hour, usually I'll be dozing like a pig? Well, things have been piling for way too long and my procrastination skill has been doubled during the CNY period. That week long holiday was a zero productivity rate for me. It's always the same case, keep on stalling and stalling only to have tonnes of works waiting for me. But I'm simply too used to it already.

Anyhow, I guess now I have to pay the price, exchanging beauty sleep for the completion of works. But at least, right now, there's few others joining me in burning the almost-morning oil, all sitting inside the room with air-cond blowing at us. Some can't take it anymore and dozed off while some remains working to finish the last few touches. Anytime now, it'll be done...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Home For Chinese New Year

I'm back...well, it's already a day since I came back. Nothing much changed around the house, with just some Chinese New Year decos pasted here and there. Cookies everywhere (YAY!!!!!!!) and also mandarin oranges. This CNY, I'm so gonna indulge with all these yummies......

Oh yea, just got nagged by my mom just now for not contributing anything. But I just came back yesterday and already almost all things seems to settle by now, right? And when she was nagging, I was sitting there helping her folding cloths. Talk about hormonal imbalance!

Nothing much to say liao....just some simple update....

Tomorrow only blog la...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Things Remained Undone But Required To Be Done

I spent all night and part of the morning in the Maths Room, doing works and discussion on the last two upcoming events of Maths Society while crapping at the same time with my two fellow Excos. I came to a realization from that all-nighter, what a deep shit hole we're in. Major shit that needed to scoop it out of our doorstep - money. Money is honestly the devil to the whole thing. While the saying 'Money is not everything' is true, so does its following phrase, 'But everything is money.' Printing needs money, organizing event needs money, payment on the hotel needs money, everything shit thing needs money. Even the performances also need money. Sponsorship, while it's not too little, it could still do better. Every devil spawns need freaking thing called money.

Then, the people themselves. One of the events require a major push-up to make sure it runs smoothly. The committee members seems like a bunch of non-functioning machines, providing nothing much to the event. Unwillingness to sacrifice is one of the major problem. Commitment issue.

The 'know nothing' policy seems to be implemented throughout the whole activities. Little information were shared among us Excos to the point that we can say something of this sort, "Hey, is that supposed to be in it?". Blurness to the highest level.

Time itself is also another f**ked up matter. Everything have to be done before Chinese New Year 'cause once the break is over, all hell gonna breaks loose. Both the events came one after the other, with a one week gap between them. And still, barely everything is settled and finalized. Too many holes still need stitchings and mendings to make a perfect shirt. Even if it's not perfect also must be presentable. The more closer it gets, the more bleak I'll be, something I'm not really famous for.

And all these are just events-related. There's a lot studies that require to be done. While I never claim to be those whose eyes solely focus on books, it's seems to be quite a while since I truly touch a book. Even the test last Thursday night, all the studies were done on the afternoon itself.
But studies never really the main focus since I can quite catch up rather well. Not to brag here. And something's need to be done regarding our final year project. Mastering the basic and stuffs. Oh yea, internship too. Shit, application letter and resume still remain blank pages.

Amidst all the workloads that keep piling up, tensions arise between friendship. The ties might cut off without knowing how or why. Long-lasting friendship is very hard to find and maintain. All the friends I made in my university years I intended to keep for the rest of my life, however fews they are. Therefore, I always walk a careful pathway, applying the 'kaokei' (anything) policy so that I won't easily offended anyone or being offended by anyone. I know that I'm quite vengeful in a way. I can remember who wrong me for long time. The forgive-but-not-forget. So, being 'kaokei' helps a lot in lowering the names in my list. Not like there's one to begin with.

How I wish I could just slip off doing nothing, knowing nothing. Being a problem-free person people often associated me with. Somehow, what I intended to blog today ended up differently from what I had in mind.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


When your Mandarin is broken, not both parties can understand Cantonese, and you don't know how to explain it in Hokkien even though you've been speaking Hokkien for your whole lives, it'll be a funny situation to land yourself into. That's what I'd been through this afternoon when I went to 'mess' with my hair. It's never occur to me to use English. Somehow, using English with another Chinese seems to be a bit show-offish.

It was so funny, trying to send the message to the hairdresser. It's look like a chicken talking to a duck. Luckily, nothing seems to be out of mess. Color changed, hair shorter, but, at least look natural. Oh yea, wallet's lighter. Photo will be uploaded later 'cause I lazy to take now.

Think that's all. Have to study already. Tomorrow night got test and I have no idea what's the subject's about. *update* Change of plan. Going Komtar for a while. Go eat wind wash eyes *update ends*. So, adios.