Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last Gathering

This morning, I went to Audrey's house for the sole purpose of baking cupcakes with her and Pui Yee. Drove all the ways to her house just to bake cupcakes. Sound rather silly but I did have fun. Actually, quite nice the whole process of baking but due to me being a guy, therefore, in my family, I seldom got the chance of baking/cooking (OK, mostly because I'm lazy...). Hence, the need to go to friends' houses to do so. Hehe.

What's cupcakes we were making? According to the recipe, it's called Nigella's cupcakes. Nigella as in Nigella Lawson. Ingredients? Too lazy to type it. Go search yourselves la if interested.

Making of the batter
In cups ready for the oven
How beautiful my our creations are...
The icing, if you can see...
See? Nice le???
Sweet, lemony icing dripping off the cakes...

Then, we headed to David's Diner at Greentown for lunch with Stef. According to Pui Yee, it's a restaurant serving Mexican food. I had a Seafood Alfredo and it's quite nice. After lunch, we went to K-box to pay our tribute to the beloved Michael Jackson who had passed away recently. Again, it was so much fun singing our hearts and lungs out. After the three hours session, my voice had became hoarse.

This is kinda last gathering before each of us head back to our Uni for the new semester. Just 4 days left before I'm going back USM. How time flies...

Monday, June 29, 2009

What's The Big Deal About Transformer?

OK, I just came back watching Transformers with my family and seriously, I did not understand the hype about it. I mean :

  • The special effects were amazing
  • Those robots were like, cool...
  • Megan Fox is so freaking hot and beautiful
  • It was an exciting ride throughout the movie
But, somehow, I feel nothing coming out of the cinema after the movie other that the urgent need to visit the toilet. It's just another action movie filled with robots fighting each other. What's the big deal?

I did not enjoy it as much as I expected I would. Maybe because the cinema itself sucked BIG TIME, what with the blurred images and soundless pictures for a few seconds every half an hour like that. It was the first time I experienced this kind of horror with such an advanced technologies available in these days. Or maybe because that stupid Indian guy who kept talking on his phone rather loud- well, loud enough to distract me- in Tamil in the cinema. Or maybe it was my little sister who can't sit still for the whole movie duration and kacau me watching the movie. Or maybe it was just me, getting tired of watching the same mindless action movies. I dunno...

Maybe I was still in awe with The Dark Knight, a movie that simply one of a kind. It was such an amazing experience watching the movie what with the exciting actions and thought-provoking themes. Fantastic flick. This is the kind of movie every action/superhero movie should be.


Or Wall-E, another wonderful movie. Pixar movies never fail to deliver the goods. That's why 'Up' is a movie I would not miss. And the latest installment of Harry Potter franchise. I simply can't miss it.

Back to Transformers, the rumour that Megan Fox is a man was so unbelievable. Come on, if it's true, such a scandalous news would surely be exposed long time ago. I mean,

a woman...
of this hotness...
is a man??? COME ON!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Good day, my fellow readers (however few they are). How were your week? I certainly hope that what you intended to do had been accomplished. Before I have lost track (and interest) of what I intended to write about, I must quickly jot it down here. Here goes:

My younger sister used to say that her least favourite months were from April until July for in these few months, a lot of family celebrations occured. Firstly, my birthday falls on April. Then, the widely celebrated Mother's Day on the month of May. On June, we have both my mother's birthday and Father's Day. Lastly, my father's birthday falls on July itself. And with the birth of my youngest sister which was few days after my father's, life for her for these months were rather miserable. If you ask why, she would had told you that she would had to spend a lot of money on these few months. But we, the rest of the family members, often retort back by saying, " Why would you need to spend so much money? Not like you are going to buy us presents or anything."

If you did not get the little joke we family shared, nevermind. Only those who knew her would get it.

Anyhow, it's that time of the year again that we gather around to honour the men in our households who work all days and nights to provide comforts for his families, who would go through thick and thin to ensure his children would get all the best that he could provide, who would battle all evil that might harm his family. It is the day where we express our utmost gratitudes and loves for the fathers in our lives.

This coming Father's Day, my sister and I got ourselves a lovely belt for our beloved father. Hopefully, he will like it. It just occured to me that my father will be hitting 50 this coming birthday. How's life flew by. In less than five years time, my father would retire from the working world and it would be my turn, hopefully, to support the family. While I'm sure that my family would be just fine even without my contribution, I would like to do my part for the family. Hopefully, by that time, I would be in the working world and not on the unemployed side, what with today's economy.

I do hope he like it

Enough rambling. Before I finished my post, I would like to wish every father in the world (and my dad) a Happy Father's Day.

On a new but related topic, today, in conjunction with the Father's Day celebration, 8TV, one of the leading, in my opinion. broadcasting station in the country, had aired the critically-acclaimed Hong Kong movie, After This Our Exile (父子 in Chinese, which mean Father-Son). While I did not watch the movie from the beginning until the end, I did catch the last 45 minutes or so and I was aghast with the way the relationship between the father and son had ended.

Before I begin explaining why I was not happy with it, I must first briefly tell the gist of the movie. The movie starred Aaron Kwok and Charlie Yeung as the husband and wife of a young boy, played by a newcomer, Gouw Ian Iskandar. The movie was set in the small town of Ipoh, Perak. When I began watching the movie, the father was already in heavy debt with the loansharks due to his gambling addiction and his wife had escaped from the marriage, leaving the boy with his father. The boy was loyal to his father, therefore, refusing to leave with his mother.

In order to pay back the loansharks, the father had asked his son to steal from the houses along the street. At its climax, the boy, which was forced by his father to enter a stranger's house, was caught stealing red-handed and had to endure severe beatings from the man. Totally helpless against the man which was twice or thrice time his size, he was beat until fainted while the father, standing there, at one point wanting to go rescue his son but was hit by a car, ultimately left his son to fend for himself when the polices arrived.

I was so angry at the father for forcing his son to steal. As a father, he should not use his own son to steal, and thereby, ruining his future, however desperate the situation may be. Fathers should protect their children and provide as best as they could to them. In the movie, the father should have leave the boy to the care of his mother, knowing that lives would be difficult should the boy stayed with him. He should do whatever he can, even making the boy hate him, so that he could have a good life ahead.

I believe, as a father, one should try one's utmost effort to secure a good future for one's shild. Being a father is a huge responsibility and if you are not up to it, I would suggest you not to rush into things. If I feel that I myself is not ready, be it mentally or financially, I would not want to have a child for when you are a father, you are not only responsible for yourself but also your wife and child. I would rather be childless rather than condemning them by bringing them into the world. Oh, my. My parents would surely kill me should they come across this.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Monster Vs Alien

Went to watch the movie, 'Raksasa lawan Makhluk Asing' aka Monster vs Alien. The movie had its funny moments but really, comparing with any movies from Pixar, Monster pale in comparison. Like what critics said, it lacked of heart, something that all Pixar's animations had. Well, I haven't watch Toy Story 1 & 2 and Cars and barely remembered A Bug's Life but those that I did watched (Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Monster Inc., etc), I really loved it. Ooo, can't wait for the movie, 'Up'...

OK, back to the review. Not as great as Kung Fu Panda but still passable. Thoughout watching the movie, I wished I watched it in 3D, but, sadly, since I'm stucked here in Ipoh, all I got to watch was the normal version. How much fun would it added to the movie if in 3D. I can see some scenes were specially made for the format. Haiz...

Then, me and my friends went to karaoke. Haha, they went to sing the songs, I went to ruin it. You can't believe the choice of songs Stef chose. It was like, so not her. So...dunno la...Enjoy myself a lot.
try to get the four of us in the pix...but failed...
Stef rapping...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brief Working Diary II

My off day. Did nothing but online and watched TV.

Back to work but don't have much motivation to do my job. Constantly looking at the clock to see when can I go back.

me and my colleagues...

I did a rough check on my box and bloody lord, it's already almost reaching RM 300. Hell, I work so hard and you expect me to give them back more than 1/2 of my salary? No freaking way. Need to filter it. By the way, Audrey and Ann Li visited me again. Went out for McD.

Yippee...final day of the fair. After all the filtering, my final purchase was about RM 150. Too many freaking books to read already.

Part of my 'salary'...

Even though the fair is over, we still need to help clean up the mess in the hall. All the packing and un-assembling the book shelves took quite a lot of time but it's not as tiring as the time when we helped with the set up of the fair. Now that it's over, I'm back to rotting at home. And the first thing I did was finishing Grey's Anatomy. By the time I went to bed, finished watching the last 12/13 episodes of season 5, it's was already morning. But freaking worth it. There's so many moments in the last few episodes that make my eyes watery.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Brief Working Diary

It's been very tiring these last few days as I have been working as a promoter for the Popular book fair held at the hall of Yuk Choy primary school. The fair will be held from 29/05 til 07/06. Here is the small glimpse of my working life...

Was told to go to the Popular outlet at JJ for briefing. What I assume to be a short briefing turned out to be a training of sort. Roughly told us what we should expect to do during the book fair. Learned how to maneuver the handjet, those small machines used to move palettes around. Lasted almost 2 hours. Can went on training but don't feel like wasting time learning how to sort out books after years as a librarian.

Today's the day I became kuli (labor) for the first time. All of us were there to do those heavy liftings and assembling shelves and tables and displaying books on it. It was hard work. Those boxes of books weighted a lot and it's not just one or two boxes you moved but like around 5 per hour. When I reached back home around 10pm+ (I reached before 10am), all my body was aching. I can even felt the cells on my fingertips vibrating violently. Money ain't that easy to earn...

The fair officially opened. It was quite crowded for a weekday. Maybe it's the big, bold 90% sign on the banner that captivated people's attention. My secondary job was to serve customers, answered enquiries and unloading books for sales. My main job was to scoop up some nice and cheap books for my friends and myself. It's like heaven for us book-lovers. There were tons of books on discounts, with some as dirt cheap as 10 cent per book. On the first day, my focus was given to the customers, leaving me not enough time to look for books for myself. Reached home all with bruises on my fingers and arms due to the liftings and shelving books with old wounds still recuperating...

There were events held on the day but it's catered to the Chinese as the medium of all the talks and programmes were conducted in Mandarin. Luckily I had some friends working together. If not, it'll be boredom that killed me, not tiredness. Besides, I met some new friends. There were quite a few of the promoters and cashiers were from my high schools but I just knew two. Some I knew were from St. Michaels but I don't know them. Some I didn't even knew were Michaelians. Quite a few were from USM and at least five of them stayed at Bercham, the same area as me. One even were my aunt's ex-neighbour's daughter whose her brother was also Michaelian, same age as me. What a coincidence (or not). Scooped up few cheap books for myself such as Alexander McCall Smith's books and some arthitecture books which my friend had asked me to look for.

It's normal for us workers to be there everyday throughout the fair as we were, well, workers. But I saw some of the customers who had came for the second or third time. One lady and her friend had been here for more than four or five time and it was only the third day of the fair. I always tried my best to help them searched for their books but it's very hard as all the books on discount were all mixed up. It's not our faults not to sort it genres by genres but since it came unsorted, why bother? There's one Punjabi customer who complaint that the MC used Mandarin when introducing today's event. He kept saying we should use a language that all can understand like Malays or English. Well, tell that to the Area Manager yourself. Scooped up The Reluncant Fundamentalist, shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2006 I think.

Saw that lady again. She was here trying to grab some cheap children's books for her children. Again, I helped her as much as I could what with the mess that were the books. You can't believe how uneducated some customers can be. Those on discount books were stacked together, spined up. Every night, we tried to clear up the mess so that they, the customers, could easily look through the books. When the books started to pile up, we would spined it back. There were few customers standing near the table which I'm arranging, grabbed a book, glanced it, cincai tossed it back, grabbed another one, looked it up, tossed it back if not interested; the cycle repeating itself while I was there trying to make it looked nicer. Waste my effort only.

Getting boring with every single passing day. Nothing much happened except my box (yea, I had kept a box of books to be purchased at the end of the fair) was almost full. Gosh, it felt like what I earned from this job, I had to give back around 1/5 of the salary back to them. Must control myself before I gives back all of my salary back to Popular.

My box...

Time moved especially slow today. Every minutes passed felt like a heavy load of stuff being dragged by a person without any help. That lady was here again. She was like a daily occurance at the book fair. Found out that she taught in UTAR. Computer and accounting if I remembered correctly. Her total spending, so far, had exceeded RM600. Yes, tomorrow's my off day!

to be continued...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Semester Result Is Out...II

Can't believe almost a year had passed since my enrollment into USM. I just got my Semester 2 result and I'm gonna self-analyse it again like last time.




















Islamic And Asian Civilisations
Honestly, for this course, I just attended 1 class throughout the semester and I did not touch the notes until a week before the exam which I just took about 2 days to finish the notes. Well, to say I'm not satisfy with the result will surely get me killed.

Communicative Chinese II
Nothing much to say except that it's way too easy for a half-banana (Chinese but do not know Mandarin) like me. Not a subject I'm worried about.

Advanced Calculus
It's a blessing that the lecturer is a very nice and linear person and his paper not too hard to score. I'm glad it's an A.

Linear Algebra
This paper was prepared by 2 lecturers, 1 by my Calculus lecturer and the other was the course's original lecturer. She was supposed to teach us the subject but due to whatever reason, she can't make it for the first half of the semester. So, my Calculus lecturer took over. I believe that I did quite OK for his part but not too well for her part. It's my coursework that save my skin.

Applied Statistical Methods
A sad case here for I did study for the subject only to panic during the paper. I even got too assured till the night before the paper I went steamboat with my friends. A mistake I will not make again.

Malaysian Economy
Still the same result as my last economy paper. What to do? I don't mingle well with economy.