Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Modern Family - The Best New Comedy In Town

If you have yet to watch the fantastic TV series which I think air in Astro (what channel I'm not sure), go download it and watch (for those Astro-less). Nominated for The Outstanding Comedy Series at the Primetime Emmy this year, it goes against Glee, 30 Rock, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Nurse Jackie, and The Office. For me, it's either Glee or Modern Family.

The sexy Sofia Vergara...

Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Been A While Since I Had Such Fun!!!

Well, the title pretty much said it all. I have so much fun today singing my throat out, letting loose and be wild for a while. Thanks to the two friends of mine for giving me such a wonderful time! And I know I had gave them a great time too, letting them see my idiotic side. Please let it slip off your mind...

We went to Neway Karaoke at Queensbay after deciding not going for movie. Or more like just opt for karaoke since not many interesting shows are in the cinema. And the only interesting was Inception which I already watched and reviewed.

Such a letting go experience singing karaoke can be. You totally forget all whatever that has been bothering you. A blast filled almost five hours of fun!!! Let's do more of it!!!

Sooner or later, we will be packed with our final projects and mid terms and finals and all. It will be hard to pull out some time to actually hang out and have fun. So, truly treasure the fun I had today.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Wow. This movie is simply brilliant. Mind blowing. I mean, that scene where Joseph Gordon-Levitt defying gravity is just worth every single penny spent for the movie. A definitely must watch movie of the summer.

Great flick it is...

It's true that you SHOULD NOT read any reviews or information about the movie for the less you know about the movie, the better. You will be more amazed by it. I basically knew some few information on what it is all about before entering the cinema and well, I did not really regret knowing those teeny weeny bit of details or I might get a little bit lost. Or not.

Anyhow, from the start till the end, the whole movie is nothing short of surprising. Definitely an Oscars contender in Best Picture and Best Director, in my point of view. For those who still had yet to watch it, erm, watcha waiting for??? A rewatch is also highly recommended.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


That day was my baby sister's birthday! Well, she's no longer a baby but still a cute little Standard One student. So, even just back to uni for a week, I went back home just to celebrate with her. After all, when I went out to work, how many more chances left for it? Mostly, I'll be too busy or too lazy to go back.

A quick little snapshot of her in uniform...

Nothing big, the celebration. Just a small family dinner. And a customary birthday cake. That's pretty much sum it up.

The birthday cake
Family shot
Her doing a passport shot

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Of Eclipse and Triple Tap

Yesterday, I went out with my friends to celebrate her birthday, or rather, her belated birthday. Just wanna find an excuse to go out and have fun, that's all. So, we went to watch Eclipse since the movie selections are rather limited. Predators and that Thai horror flick are not OK with them while that Hong Kong show won't do since they don't really watch Hong Kong flick. Hence, just Eclipse, which we all dreaded to go anyway.

OK, for those living in the cave or something that have no idea what the heck is Eclipse, it's the vampire-human romance which dragged on for four books and then reappeared again in the form of movies. Keep on dragging the whole drama about Team Edward or Team Jacob (Edward is the vampire, Jacob the werewolf, and both also fall for the same girl, Bella, who has no idea who to choose, or rather, confused if she chose correctly) for the first two movies.

The cold one or the hot one?

If you are thinking great actions and blood and gore since it's vampires and werewolves, well, in the Twilight world (name of the saga), their vampires are more like sissy and werewolves are like Native American shapeshifters. Vampires sparkled when exposed to sunlight rather than burst to flame, so, when they died, it's more like broken glasses than a dried out corpses. In fact, when something hit the vampires, the sound of shattered glass was played. True Blood and The Vampire Diaries it is not.

But the essence of the whole thing is the romance of Bella and Edward. Their romances just keeps spinning around and around, totally cringe-worthy. Even my friend, who is into all I-love-you-do-you-love-me type of movies can't even stand it. Undeniably, a much improvement from the last movie, but not that much improved actually.

After the movie, we went to Sakae for dinner. I had a Teriyaki Chicken Ramen but I find it nothing special. Then, back we went to uni. But I had another movie to go, with another bunch of friends. This time, we went to that Hong Kong movie, Triple Tap. It's about two professional competition shooters, one a financial consultant of sort, the other an inspector, who crossed path in an armed robbery and how things unfold. A very entertaining movie about the choices we made and how it will effect us. A good thriller from start to finish.

The better movie of the two

After that, it's time to say goodnight.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Search Malaysia Properties

Well, if you are looking for property to buy around Malaysia and have no idea where to start, type in into your Internet browser and off you go. The largest Malaysia's free property resources website available right now, it is definitely the place to go if you are hunting for a place to stay or buy.

The website is simple to use and navigate, with many functions made available to its users. Its design is clean and nice and this will not confuse first time users. They have two lists on their sites, Top Properties and Most Wanted Properties, giving users a rough idea what is hot property in the market right now. There are a lot of photos accompanied with the classified ads and the properties itself to let the users a glimpse of it but somehow I got the feeling that the pictures posted there and the actual property itself will be a lot different.

Other than that, you can sign up as a member of the website for free which has few benefits in store for you. One of it is that if you are a property agent, you can post your properties here either for sale or rent. This website is actually will be a big hit in the cyberspace later, I have a feeling.

Even if you are not a property agent, there are things in store for you too. You can post the property of your dream if you are looking for one. You can post questions on the website regarding property issues and its members will help to answer it. I found out that apparently, Michelle Yeoh owned a unit at Millennium Tower here in Gurney Drive. There is even a map section where it shows all the hot properties in Malaysia.

Granted, most of the properties are either located in KL or Selangor with the third place goes to Penang and a lot of the properties are rather pricy. But this should not deter you from the website as it is really informative. And, after all, there is nothing wrong to look at nice apartments that you cannot afford. Definitely worth being the member.

*If you are wondering what this is, well, it is a website review I'm doing for a job. I'm really broke!*

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back In USM!!!

I'm back, Internet people!!!

After absence for so long, mostly due to stupid desktop, now, being back here in uni, I can online 24/7. The joy of it after such unwanted break.

Just a brief recap of my holiday which basically can be summed up with just four letters - ESSM - which stands for Eat, Sleep, Shit, Movies. Fairly accurate.

And last Monday and Tuesday, I got a part time job as a promoter for Castrol, asking surveys from truck and lorry drivers under the hot sun. End up getting sun burn all over my hands.

The current state of both my hands

I guess it is true that money is hard to earn. That's about it for now. More updates later now Internet is within my reach.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back From 'Hiatus'

Haha, almost a month I have left my blog unattended. Well, all this due to the stupid malfunction desktop of mine back home. The monitor was broken in a sense that it keeps blinking, making it unbearable to see anything. Therefore, I've been out of touch from the Internet world for so long.

At this moment, I'm at cyber cafe wasting time as I got nothing much to do while my mum was chatting away with relatives. Too much gossips, not interested.

Just one more week and I'll be back in USM for my final year. How time really flies. Guess then I'll be 24/7 facing my laptop onlining. Will be blogging as much as I can then. Till then, bye for now.

(Very comfy I am right now, with air-cond and sofa and smoke free...)