Monday, May 25, 2009

Star Trek ( And Thanks God It's Finally Rained! )

Went to watch Star Trek this afternoon. With this LONG vacation I have, I'm pretty sure by the time new semester begins, I had already watch all the much-hyped-about popcorn movies.

Back to Star Trek. I'm not a Trekker/Trekkie/Star-Trekker or whatever those fans called themselves. And if you're like me who had no idea what the heck is Vulcan or Romulan or who the hell is Spock/Sylar or James T. Kirk, don't worry. The movie will explain it to you perfectly well as it's a prequel to all the Star Trek movies and TV series ever had.

The ship where it all begins...

The movie began excitedly with the birth of James Kirk in the middle of a space battle. That opening alone had all the actions and drama that set the tone of what you can expect from the movie. And boy, what a ride. Fast-paced, action-filled, with a bit of humors here and there, it's a perfect summer movie.

What propelled me to watch the movie was the fact that it was directed by J. J. Abrams, the creator of one of my favourite TV series, Alias, Lost, Felicity, and the latest, Fringe, and director of Mission Impossible 3. Having watched most of his show, I can noticed some of his trademark like long opening scenes. And most of the time, watching his shows will leave me out of breath.

One of my favourite
Another hit from Mr Abrams

As the movie is the prequel, it tells the story of how the friendship of Spock and James Kirk was formed. Therefore, no prior knowledge is required. This, I believe, will do the franchise good as it brings in new fans and audiences. And since the whole team of stars and production crews are booked for two more sequels, we audiences can expect more fun out of it. All I can say is *giving Vulcan salute*, live long and prosper.

And thanks God it had rained. It's been DAYS since I last remembered rain on Ipoh. Life was so unbearable what with the SCORCHING sun casting its POWERFULLY, BLOODY heat to the ground. And living in an un-air-condition-al room only infuriates me further. It feels like sauna in my own room!

Luckily, God had mercy on us humans. Seeing so many Malaysians sweating like there's no tomorrow, it shed tears on us. And it's not those drizzles but the rain cat and dog type. Finally, tonight can have a good night sleep...

p/s If you think my family is being environment-friendly, think again. The reason why there's no air-con in all the rooms except the master bedroom is because of the electricity bill.

Fungal Infection

Came back from the doctor's visit regarding the red spots on the groin areas. Been around there for almost like 2 months. At first, it just some reddish spots. Then, skin started to dried and peeled off. Now, it's even a bit painful on those sore sites.

After a quick look by the doctor, he knowingly pointed out that those were signs of fungal infection. I was like OMG, where the heck did I get that from? I'm guessing those bloody washing machines provided in my hostels are the one to blame.

Doc said that two weeks later should be all right. I hope so.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Night at the Museum 2

Went to watch Night at the Museum : Battle of the Smithsonian this afternoon with my school buddies. It's been a while since I last saw them, except Eric la. Anyhow, before the movie began, we went to have our lunch at Food & Tea and chatted till the movie about to begin.

About the movie...I have yet to watch the first movie but I roughly knew the gist of the story. It's about a night guard (Ben Stiller) who found out that all the exhibits came alive at night. There...

The sequel takes place few years after the event in the first movie. With the Museum of Natural History is being closed for renovation, all the exhibits are being transported to Federal Archives at the Smithsonian Institution. When the monkey took with it the tablet of Akmenrah, the tablet that brings all the exhibits alive, all hell breaks loose in the Smithsonian.

I must said, having not watch the first movie, I had no idea what to expect in the movie. Well, it's a Ben Stiller's movie, so laughter is a must. It's quite a lot of fun actually watching the movie. It's funny without resorting to toilet jokes.

And having Amy Adams in it is a plus for me. I really like her after watching the movie Enchanted. She was such a fun in Enchanted and here as Amelia Earhart, she was hyper and joyous to watch.

Overall, a nice movie worth the money spent on it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

KL Trip

Went to KL on the 20th May with Pui Yee to meet up with Audrey, Stef, and Ann Li in KL. Woke up around 5.45am to prepare myself even though the train ride was on 9am 'cause my father need to get my sister to school and it's troublesome to do a second trip. After dropping my sister to her school, me and my father went to have breakfast in one of the many kopitiam in Old Town, Ipoh, where the train station was located.

Ipoh train station, the starting point of the trip...
it's a 3 hours ride, so a book is needed to kill time...

Reach KL Central around 11.45am. Took LRT to Station Universiti to go to Universiti Malaya, the oldest universiti in Malaysia. We were supposed to be warmly received by Stef when reached the the bus stop but it was vacant of people when we arrived. Instead of the guide waiting the tourists, it's the tourists waiting for the guide to arrive. Had a brief tour around UM before we met up with Audrey, the other guide.

Where we waited the guide...
here's our guide, Stef, just finished doing whatever she was doing...
Few photos inside UM...

After UM, we went to 1 Utama. It's been a while since I last went there. Had lunch at Garden Cafe. A garden-themed cafe, it's a very beautiful place to have lunch in. The food were delicious too.
menu that looks like children's storybook...
Iced lemon tea
Soup of the day-watercress with cream soup i think...
what I had- butter ginger dory fish
black pepper chicken chop, Pui Yee's and Stef's meals...
Audrey's main course...can't remember the name...
Mango Orange Sorbet for dessert
Like an emperor with his 'dayang's...hehe

After lunch, went shopping. Or more like window shopping since everyone went back empty-handed. We mostly just talked and talked and talked. After 1 U, went to The Curve+Ikano Power Center+Damansara Cineleisure all in one go. Nothing much there except in Cineleisure where there got those movies-related statues like the Silver Surfer and Mike and Sulley from Monster Inc.

the Silver Surfer...
Mike and Sulley
an elongated 'Mike' and a stick 'Sulley'

Around 8pm, we began to plan for our ride back KL Central for our train ride back Ipoh at 9.45pm. This is the most funny and syok moment throughout the trip. They (Audrey and Stef mostly) were discussing how to go back Central in the most safe and cheap way.

Taxi-Stef afraid of it.
Walk to 1 U to take bus-Stef afraid of dark.
Take the shuttle bus provided by Ikano-too late,scared can't reach Central on time

In the end, after much debating, we decided to walk to 1U for bus. But, the bus only start moving at 9.15pm, too late for us. We had to resolve to taxi anyhow. Reached Central around 9.30pm. Before we said goodbye to KL, we went to tapau Subway sandwichs for diner. My first Subway, rushing the waiter to speed up the process and enjoying it inside the train. Reached Ipoh around 12.45am.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Upcoming Project

Welcome to this messed-up place I called my room (and my mom called pigs' den). OK, I know it's a really shitty place right now but what to do? I barely stayed in the room since I'm now studied in Penang but since I'm here for at least 2 months during my semester break, I'm gonna clear up the mess here.

What used to be a chair...
What used to be my study table...
Rubbishes surrounding my TV...
When books completely took over your bookshelves...

OK, can't take it anymore. Gonna clean it up tomorrow.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Angels And Demons

Watched it this afternoon with my friends at JJ. For those living under the rock, Angels and Demons is an adaptation of the best-selling book of the same name by Dan Brown. It's the prequel to the highly controversial book, The Da Vinci Code. The way the movie set it is a bit different, with Angels and Demons being worked as the sequel to the movie The Da Vinci Code, which was out few years back. Both movies were being directed by Ron Howards, Oscar-winning director of 'A Beautiful Mind' and starring two-time Oscars-winning actors, Tom Hanks.

I remembered reading this when I'm in Form 4/5 after I finished The Da Vinci Code. I was awed by the controversial 'facts' presented in the book and the fast-pacing and action-packed plot filled with twists and turns that once I'm done with it, I quickly bought Angels and Demons. The book also featured the same ingredients minus the shocking 'facts' that The Da Vinci Code had. There were some scenes I can't imagined but I did enjoyed both books.

After around 4-5 years, when I entered the cinema hall today, I totally can't recalled anything about the movie except it's about sciences and religion. I watched the movie without any recollections of the book but halfway through the movie, certain parts of the book were coming back.
Guy: Can't believe I can pick up this chick from the street.

Overall, the movie is rather good. The pacing is well-set that you can feel the urgency of the situation. They had inserted some humors in the movie which I think lighten up the tension. While the movie had took some creative license with the book, I don't think it deviated too much from it.
Lady: Why is everyone staring at me opening this junk? Doncha have a life?

I read that because of the nature of the movie which revolved around the Catholic Church, the production team was denied permissions to shot in a lot of places around Rome and Vatican City, forcing the them to rely on replicas. I have yet been to Italy (or anywhere outside Malaysia for that matter!) but I can't differenciate which is the real location and which is the set.

" Jesus, is that an angel or a demon?" (lame, I know..)

Cardinals: Can't believe I was caught doing that on tape!

Oh yea, in the movie, those cardinals were like mafias, armed with their cigarettes and sunglasses. It's rather funny seeing them in such acts. And yea, I know the captions are very lame and uninspiring.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy (Belated) Mother's Day!

OK, it's already two days since Mother's Day, but, honestly, if we truly loved our parents, isn't everyday mother's day and father's day? So, Happy Mother's Day to all the mums in the whole wide world. We deeply treasured all the years you had showered us with loves and cares. On that very day, We love you.

So how did you guys spent that special day with your mothers? Haha, I didn't do anything special, just bought a body lotion from The Body Shop with my sister. Well, my mum's hands are rather dry according to the doc and this body lotion reportedly helps moisturizing the skin. So, hopefully, this lotion will be the answer to my mum's hand condition.

Will plan a better surprise for her next anytime soon since everyday is mother's day (I'm so gonna be broke...).
The lotion from The Body Shop
I wrote all the things in the card...
packaged and ready to be delivered...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

X-Men Origin: Wolverine

Yesterday, me, Audrey and Pui Yee planned to watch Wolverine at 11.30am. Audrey they all went to JJ and bought the tickets around 10 something while I was still snoring in my room till 11.23am like that when they called me asking where was I. SHIT! I'm so gonna get screw! I asked them to change the tickets if can...if not, buy the 12.45pm show one. I had to 'belanja' them for my oversleeping. And I had to think of a damn good reason so not to get screw up till down, left to right. A new set of tickets had been bought and I quickly fixed myself. Reached JJ around 12.20pm and got screwed. Luckily, with me 'belanja-ing' the movie, nothing serious happened and I'm still alive.

About the movie...honestly, I didn't really felt anything for it. Maybe because I was stricken with guilt or something, I didn't enjoy the movie as much as I had thought. Though I was quite awed by some of the characters' coolness. I quite like Gambit and Deadpool (before his mouth was knitted shut). Agent Zero didn't really had much power other than his amazingly accurate shooting skill and the jumping thingy. I would watch again, when the DVD comes out, to see if my mood of the day had anything to do with my viewing.

Then, went Black Canyon for lunch/tea. It's been so long since I went there. Had Fetuccini Green Curry Chicken. Nice. Stef joined us around 3pm, when we were in Black Canyon. We chatted till 5 something then we shifted to McD for more chatting. It's really been a while since we last met and we spent so much time catching up and reliving some of our before-uni moments. How time had passed and already 1 year of my uni life had gone. 2 more years and I'll be in sei fong mou (those graduating square cap in Cantonese).

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

From Yumcha to Kampar

Last night when yumcha with Yee Leng and Heng Fai in Old Town Kopitiam. Dunno at what point, we suddenly decided to go Kampar to visit Eric and Pei Pei. Drove all the way there just to visit them. Did you guys feel happy? Hehe...

The house they're staying is very beautiful outside but once inside, it's a typical college students' houses: vacant. Their living room is almost empty le. Should have TV and stuff ma...

We hanged out in their rooms for like more than 2/3 hours talking stuffs of no importances. Haiz, kacau their studies only. But didn't feel any remorse also. Hehe...

Then, we drove back around 4 something in the morning and stopped at the McD in Gunung Rapat for breakfast. Then came back home around 7am. Since it's so early already, I just gonna sleep later in the afternoon la.

I finally realised how much my little sister grew up. Last time when she was in her first year of kindergarten, she needed my mum's helps to brush her teeth, changed her cloths and all. Now, she can do it for herself already. How time flies...In few years time, she gonna be a moody teenager who thinks her older brother and sister are two close-minded people. How I wish I can keep her at this age...