Thursday, November 26, 2009

Segamat - Malacca Trip

After traveling for almost a week already, finally, I'm home-bound at last. With the amount of free time, it's time to mind my blog again which I leaved unattended for so long already. First, let me recount back my trip to Segamat, Johor, to visit my coursemate, on the 18th and 19th of November 2009.

Day 1
We took the night bus on 17th Nov 2009 and reached approximately around 9 in the morning. Chi Fang brought us back to her house first to refresh ourselves before bringing us for breakfast, a local favourite where it was famous for its roti canai (Indian pancake). What's so special about the roti canai, you wonder? Well, it was made by Chinese instead of Indian, and it was really crispy. Beside that, their sardine toast was also good. Simple delicacies, but delicious, nonetheless.

Then, she brought us tour around Segamat. Segamat is a rather small town, like many small towns in Malaysia. While there's development on the town, it still has the small town buildings and feels in it. According to our tour guide, Segamat mostly consists of retirees and old peoples as well as those still in schools as most of the youths would either migrate to Johor Bharu or KL to work. So, not much activities in the town.

After the mini tour, we went to have our lunch at a restaurant of name I had forgotten about it. As it was famous for wan tan mee, all of us had the same thing. While it was nice, I still prefer the one at Medan Selera near stadium in Ipoh. Hehe. By that time, all of us were bloated and rather tired from the night bus plus the rain, we went back to her house for a quick rest.

Before dinner, she brought us to taste the famous coffee at the Nam Yong Kopitiam. I like it, sweet and milky. Then, we went back home for some home-cooked food. Delicious for sure!!! Then, we went to have supper + tong shuis with her mother and friends when dinner still being digested. We went to bed with round bellies.

Day 2
Before we went to Malacca with Chi Fang and her friends, we went to have breakfast about 30 minutes drives from the town area. A really hearty breakfast to start the say as we went to have something that taste like bak kut teh but milder in taste. No idea what the name of the dish, though. Then, on we went to Malacca.

When we reached there, the first stop was the Eye on Malaysia. I did not know there is an Eye on Malaysia here on Malacca. I thought it was another replica of the Eye on Malaysia at Titiwangsa until I was told later by my friends on the second trip to Malacca (to be continued). After that, we went to Donald and Lily's to have some nyonya delights. Delicious!

Then, we went to the Museum of Malacca Sultanate (roughly like this, the name, I think) to look at the historical displays during the Malacca Sultanate time. After that, we went to A' Famosa Fort to get more upclose and personal with our history. The next stop was Jonker Walk which was famous for its handicrafts and local delicacies. We stopped by at a food stall and had chendols and assam laksa. It was so nice that when I went back to Malacca for the second time (to be continued), I had the same things again!

Before I went back Ipoh that night, we had the famous satay celup for dinner. With the chendol and assam laksa barely sinked in my stomach, again we had the next meal. I can't stomach much but just a few sticks. An unique local food which I will go for it again the next time.

It was such a lovely and stomach-filling trip with my fellow friends. I will for sure go again next time. Thanks, Chi Fang!!! Now, time to get ride of the extra kilos from the trip.

ps - Finally, pictures of the Ipoh - Taiping trip had been uploaded. For the pictures of day one, click here. For the entry, click here.


manglish said...

so now we will have to wait for the photos from melaka and segamat? the pics from perak trip...

成亿 said...

haha, one have to wait for good that u???

chifanG said...

yaya.u r welcum...
so nice trip...
wish hv a nex trip nex time~~~

成亿 said...

sure got 1...waitin 4 u to plan again...hehe