Monday, October 11, 2010

Find Homestays in KL

Hey!!! I'm back!!!

After almost a month of hiatus, I'm finally back in the blogosphere. The hiatus is mostly due to pretty unexciting life I'm leading and also the fact that I am very uninspired. Anyhow, I better get to the point of this post.

Today's post is to introduce fellow bloggers and also people on the world the wonders of a website that enables you guys to find KL homestays and also in other parts of Malaysia. It is a very good website where you can hunt for places to stay when in KL or other part of Malaysia especially if you are foreigners or that you do not have any friends and relatives to crash into. All the rooms for rental are mostly for short term only.

One of the most common traits among the homestays uploaded in the website is that all the places are located in the residential areas. It can be very calm and peaceful and that it will be less noisy and suitable for a good rest after a hectic day.

There is another side to the website and it is cater to people who are looking for a room to rent for a period of time. This website will the most suitable one for you if you are looking for places to rent. There are many rooms available for you guys to rent and more is still to come. The price range is very wide, making sure that all people of different financial budget can benefit from the website.

If you are looking for people to rent your extra empty room, well, you can upload your classified ads into the website for others to look at. You can write down your criteria to make sure not to waste other people's time. All you have to do is just to sign up for a free membership. So, hurry up and make use of the website!

*This is a community service to all the people out there who are looking for places to rent and stay.*

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Su Fen said...

I think you can start to find homestay for the Cambodia trip too?