Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brief Working Diary II

My off day. Did nothing but online and watched TV.

Back to work but don't have much motivation to do my job. Constantly looking at the clock to see when can I go back.

me and my colleagues...

I did a rough check on my box and bloody lord, it's already almost reaching RM 300. Hell, I work so hard and you expect me to give them back more than 1/2 of my salary? No freaking way. Need to filter it. By the way, Audrey and Ann Li visited me again. Went out for McD.

Yippee...final day of the fair. After all the filtering, my final purchase was about RM 150. Too many freaking books to read already.

Part of my 'salary'...

Even though the fair is over, we still need to help clean up the mess in the hall. All the packing and un-assembling the book shelves took quite a lot of time but it's not as tiring as the time when we helped with the set up of the fair. Now that it's over, I'm back to rotting at home. And the first thing I did was finishing Grey's Anatomy. By the time I went to bed, finished watching the last 12/13 episodes of season 5, it's was already morning. But freaking worth it. There's so many moments in the last few episodes that make my eyes watery.

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