Wednesday, February 3, 2010


When your Mandarin is broken, not both parties can understand Cantonese, and you don't know how to explain it in Hokkien even though you've been speaking Hokkien for your whole lives, it'll be a funny situation to land yourself into. That's what I'd been through this afternoon when I went to 'mess' with my hair. It's never occur to me to use English. Somehow, using English with another Chinese seems to be a bit show-offish.

It was so funny, trying to send the message to the hairdresser. It's look like a chicken talking to a duck. Luckily, nothing seems to be out of mess. Color changed, hair shorter, but, at least look natural. Oh yea, wallet's lighter. Photo will be uploaded later 'cause I lazy to take now.

Think that's all. Have to study already. Tomorrow night got test and I have no idea what's the subject's about. *update* Change of plan. Going Komtar for a while. Go eat wind wash eyes *update ends*. So, adios.


iriene said...

Hahaha, I experienced the same too.
Cannot communicate in Cantonese, my Mandarin is pick-up from tv...really
like "chicken & duck talk".
Btw, all the best in your test!
Cheers and do keep in touch :)

~eRiC~ said...

what color now???
when will u be back?

manglish said...

hahhaah ok waiting for ur new hair pic

成亿 said...

iriene: haha, national-schooled people often like this...all languages also half-a-tank-full...

eric: hmm, think it's dark brown green like that thurs i'll be home...

manglish: hehe, okok...

fufu said...

yeah i also wanna get my hair cut... but ops i still speak broken german ><

成亿 said...

at least u speak german...i so wanna learn german...

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