Saturday, May 8, 2010

Movie With Family

Going to cinema with my family is one funny thing. I just got back from watching Ip Man 2 again, this time with my family, free of charge and here's the usual experience when watching movies with my parents.

The women in the family would have to take those huge bags with lots of empty spaces so that my father can go down to the supermarket and buy those snacks such as peanuts, biscuits, and so on at a much cheaper price. Since the movie started at 7pm and we didn't have enough time to eat dinner, they even brought fried drumsticks and fish fillets into cinema. It's like picnic with movie and air-cond.

They had no problem sneaking in food into cinema but when it comes to sneaking in my little sister, they were panicked. The movie was rated 18 and my little sister barely reached 8. I kept telling that it's nothing since there's parents with her but they were like thinking of alternative plans. They even asked other movie-goers standing beside us, waiting to enter, what shows were they watching and whether could help sneak my sister in. The security of the cinema was not tight at all and people could easily entered without buying tickets during peak seasons such as night slot or festive moments or those big blockbuster movies.

In the end, nothing happened and she watched the movie while sitting on our laps (no ticket for her even though she was supposed to have one...) and eating drumsticks. Speaking of the movie, upon second watching, I realized something. Who was Twister supposed to fight with during the 1st match? I mean, before he went all hellbent on killing Chinese and Sammo Hung in the ring, who was his original opponent??? That boxing competition should have a wrestler for him right??? Another thing I noticed was that during the press conference where the Twister was belittling the Chinese cultures while trashing Chinese martial art, how did Ip Man knew what was he talking about? Mind you, Mr Twister here was speaking in English and our hero was supposed to be a non-English speaker. So, how on earth did he figured out that Twister was crapping about???

Going back Penang tomorrow night again for a short course till, latest, Wednesday, I think. Should be gua...

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