Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm Back From Malacca!

A very frustrated, tiring, and slightly boring trip. Frustrated due to the rainy weather we gotten ourselves when we reached Malacca and the heavy traffics when in highway and in Malacca. Tiring because we began the trip at around 7am and I did most of the drivings. Boring, well, all the usual tourist spots around Malacca I had already been there myself when I was with my friends, so for this particular trip, I was the tour guide to my family. A very funny thing considering I'm not based in Malacca and with just two trips, I already know roughly the roads there.

When we reached Malacca, rain was pouring in a weird pattern; drizzle for a while, then heavy, then drizzle. You get the drill. Besides that, there's the traffic jams everywhere we went. So not nice. When we managed to reach Jonker Street, it had succumbed to just a slight drizzle so we walked around. Not much to do for me since I had already been there far too many time in just a short span of time. Since I'm the unofficial tour guide, I just brought them to places when I've been before and had the foods which I eaten before. We had chicken rice ball at the same stall I'd been the last time for lunch (Dad: "char dou sei!" or suck in Cantonese) and satay celup for dinner (Dad: "hou mm wai sun" or unhygienic in Cantonese) and the same Jonker Stall 88 for assam laksa and chendols for lunch the following day. With rain, our activities were limited to just shopping at Dataran Pahlawan and later, at Jonker Walk night market at night.

Being the driver for my family can be a very uncomfortable situation. When I was took over the driving halfway at highway from Dad, Mom somehow appointed herself as my speed alarm. Whenever I was reaching 120km/h, she would voiced it out like my faithful alarm clock. "120! 120! Time to slow down! Time to slow down!". At least I survived the ordeal.

Very few photos were taken since I already...Well, you know. Luckily, the best thing about this trip is the all-expenses paid. I didn't spend a single dimes on anything...well, except for the three cloths I bought. Other than that, practically, it's a cost-free trip. So, that's all for now.

This is the only family shot I had taken, well, without me...

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manglish said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHH your dad had a lot to say about the food in melacca eh....u drove from perak or kl?