Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Seremban - Malacca Trip (Part 2)

Continued from part 1...

22 Nov 09
So, we embarked on a trip to Malacca with Xiang Yi's two other friends. Before we start our journey, we went to have our breakfast, a locally famous chicken rice shop in Seremban. Rather different from the usual roasted chicken. Delicious. After that, off we go!

We went through the old road instead of highway as there's more sight-seeings to be done through old road. Halfway of the journey, we stopped by Wet World Resort Pedas Hot Spring. We thought of going for the hot spring but the entrance fee was rather taxing as it included the water theme park, so we forfeited it. We continued our journey to Malacca.

The journey lasted at least an hour plus before we reached our destination. We parked the car somewhere around Jonker Walk and started walking around Jonker Walk. The beauty of Malacca can't be fully absorbed in just a day. We walked past those antique houses and shops while searching for a place to reside for the two nights.

The three girls kept making references on places where the Singapore TV series, 'The Little Nyonya', were featured. The show, about the life of Baba Nyonya, was mainly filmed in Malacca, known for the Baba Nyonya cultures. Since both of us guys had yet to watch the show, we just took in whatever was mentioned.

When we were a little tired, we entered the same food stall, Jonker Dessert 88, that I entered last Thursday when I went to Malacca with another bunch of friends. The chendols were so delicious I had chendol-carving for the whole trip in Malacca. I even had the same chendol at the same stall on the next day!

Look at the line...

Then, we went to the Stadhuys building, a must stop when you were in Malacca. Then, the same A' Famosa Port at the St Paul hill. Same old, same old. When it's about time for dinner, we went back to Jonker Walk for the night market. We stopped at a food stall known for its laksa. Almost everywhere in Malacca and Penang are famous for the laksa and chendols. This time, the laksa tasted like the one in Penang. For drink, chendol again.

After that, we went to Eye On Malaysia to bask in the night view of Malacca. When onboard, I was a little disappointed as the night view of Malacca was nothing special. In fact, compared to the first time I rode it, which on in the afternoon, the view is much more better as you can see better of the places around Malacca. Then, we went back to the hotel to rest.

23 Nov 09
Once everything done, we went to UTeM to drop off Xiang Yi's friend's stuffs as he has activities during the semester break. Then, all of us went back to Jonker Walk for the famous Hainan Chicken Rice Ball. There was a queue waiting outside the stall as people were lining up to taste the delicious food. It was worth the queue as the food there was really nice.

Then, we went to the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum for more in-depth exposure on the Baba Nyonya cultures. It was quite a learning experience, to have a look at the traditional furnitures, the beautiful clothings, and the unique architectures. They have a tour guide for us to follow and explain to us the heritage but we did not follow her as that day was crowded with schoolchildren, a mark of school holidays.

Around 7++pm, we took the river cruise around Malacca before we went to the Portugal Settlement to have our seafood dinner. Quite nice, I would said, if only the crabs were much less salty. That's the wrap for the day.

ps - Due to my laziness to continue further, the last few days will be continued next post. XD

pps - The Penang trip's photos are uploaded! Click here for the story and here for the photos.


wk said...

ya..eye on m'sia cannot see anything at night ^^
but menara taming sari is nice..

manglish said...

hahhahh now u make me feel like eating cendol.....btw did u go eat the chicken rice ball?

成亿 said...

wk: hmm, miss out menara taming sari...will go for it the next time...

manglish: hmm, is my story-telling not clear? i thought i mentioned about me finding the chicken rice ball yummy...

ladyviral said...

looks like the cendol made you went back for more! Must be that good :P.