Friday, January 1, 2010

Countdown At Queensbay Is...


Come on, with those rocking songs in the Countdown Concert, for sure it's a night set for awesomeness. With a host of mostly Malaysian singers, the concert would have a poor outing if without the crowd pullers in the form of Power Station and TANK.

So, me and a bunch of friends, my coursemates, we went to Queensbay Mall around 7pm. We all had the tickets for the concert for free, thanks to our friend. Since it's a free concert, we thought that it's those VIP tickets only to find out that it's just those special tickets, better than those without tickets but definitely nothing VIP about it.

The aforementioned tickets - 6 of them!

Boys, the road to Queensbay were nothing but cars. I mean, it's almost like we were parking along the road - there's almost no movements at all. Thanks God we took the alternative road, the one along Bukit Gambir, to Queensbay, if not, I wonder till what time can we reached our destination. Even with the alternative road, we only parked our car at around 7.45pm and the concert started at 7pm.

Ever the smart ones we are, we skipped those opening acts which were performed by Malaysian singers whose names most of them unknown to me. We went to hunt for food in a crowded Queensbay, at least, all the restaurants and food courts. High and low we searched only to end up in Queens Food Market aka food court.

At around 9.30pm, we went to the concert, with Eric Lim, the Malaysian singer best known for his hit, 听见有人叫你宝贝。 So lucky we managed to reach on time of his rendition of the song. I love the song a lot.

Eric Lim

After him, it's another Malaysian veteran female singer, rather famous, according to my friends, but I had no idea who is she. Haha. Played around with my camera to waste the time since I'm not interested in her performances.

The moon and the stage - beautiful full moon
Showing middle finger...haha...
Moving camera...
The banana tee I had - my statement...
Friends of mine - the non-bananas...haha
Spotted a guy with sparkling glasses
Manhand, another Malaysian act - quite good though

After that and another Malaysian hip hop band, Manhand, in come TANK!!!! All the crowds went WILD!!!!!!!!!!


He sang quite a number of songs, most of them I heard before, either from radios or during those K sessions I had with my coursemates here. Going karaoke with my coursemates is a great source of hearing some nice Chinese songs I'm not familiar with.

After about 45 minutes or less, Tank's time is over and another Taiwanese power house took over. 动力火车 (POWER STATION)!!!

Another 40 minutes plus performances by 动力火车 and it's approaching midnight! All the stars came back out to countdown with us.

Counting down with us...







8 minutes of firework displays at the back of the stage - stupid!

After the fireworks, it's time for ENCORE!!!! Collaboration between Tank and 动力火车!!! Rocking awesome!!!

Tank and 动力火车...

And then it's over........We ended 2009 with a bang!!!!!

5 comments: said...

i miss this concert...happy new year!!!

Torres Looi said...

ur driver so smart!
谢婉婷 aka veteran female singer!!!

[A]rSENE said...

stupid fireworkkkkkkkkkk !!!!!!
8 minute on screen...hell ya

manglish said...

waaaaaaaaaaa got tank and dong li huo che ar? nice nice btw who is tat veteran singer....dun tell me is elaine kang...she is so old oredi hahahahaah

成亿 said... too bad then...happy new year!!!

torres: yea la, i know...

arsene: haha, really stupid the location of the the back of the stage...let who see le???

manglish: 谢婉婷 wo...dunno whether it's elaine or not lo...