Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Young and Old Befuddlement

Somehow, it's been implemented inside every one of us that when there's a conflict between the young and the old, mostly the young will ends up apologizing. It doesn't really matter who's right or who's wrong. How accurate is this statement, I don't really know, but, I think, sometimes, I'm like that.

What triggers this thought? Well, this morning, I was heading to the Language Centre for my 4 hours of language classes, 2 hours for Chinese, 2 for Spanish. Most of the students were just finished their classes as I was heading to mine. There are two flights of stairs for us to climb to reach a floor and the stairs can only fit in two peoples walking side by side, with just some space between them and the wall.

So, as I was climbing up those stairs and almost reaching the end of the flight when there's two female lecturers, I presume, began to descend that flight of stairs that, just two more steps would end my climbs. They were chatting and laughing to themselves, oblivious of my presence, while I was standing still, deciding what to do. With two of them standing side by side, they already took up 90% of the space.

I thought, maybe I could just squeeze through them and go on to my class. So, I walked on and ended up brushing the shoulder of the one standing closest to me. Suddenly, her conversation was stopped and she looked at me and gave me a "Hey!" as if I had molested her or something and stupid me, standing there, apologizing for something that's so not my fault. When that "Sorry!" came out of my mouth, I continued with my journey to my class.

Honestly, what was she expect me to do, jump back down and let Your Highness descend the great stairs? You're the one who should be letting me finished my flight before going down if you were to brace each other elbows and walking side by side. Inconsiderate aunties.

Another random post. So uninspired these few days.


Ultraman Jino said...

some people are inconsiderate. bear with it. don't put things in heart over such trivial matters. not worth the time to even think of it.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

manglish said...

yeah very inconsiderate....u did nothing wrong, i would have fought back with a WHAT!!!! hahahahaha

成亿 said...

jino: i just wanna blog it out...i have no problems saying's just a word...

manglish: well, my mama taught me to be polite with older people...XD

Anonymous said...

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