Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Prosperity Burger Hypothesis

Ever wonders what so great about McDonald's Prosperity Burger? I mean, what so great about it that we can't have it for the entire whole year and not just the during the Chinese New Year? Not like that we are heading to the road of fortune with every bite we took. In fact, should anyone who ever get prosper, it's the CEO of McDonald's. Me and my roommate were eating the Prosperity Burger when he said something about them getting prosper and not us. Then, my mind starts to swirl around and around, filled with thoughts.

So, here's my theory on the Prosperity Burger:

Point 1
Imagine that Prosperity Burger were made available for the whole year long. With the new marketing plan, the name 'Prosperity Burger' no longer appropriate 'cause it can't possible be prosper for the whole year right? When it's on the month of Chinese New Year, it works its magic well, but definitely not the whole year. Then, possible new name? Black Pepper Burger. When the novelty of it was lose, then sales of it would decrease.

Point 2
Then, with the all year round thing, they can't charge high like what they did now. I mean, RM 11.80 for the whole set? Way too expensive. So, new price is set which should be less than RM10, like the rest of the McValue Meals. Less profit earned. But with new and lower price surely means more customers, right? Possibly, but not necessary. Refer to Point 1.

Point 3
And that Twisted Fries that comes along with it? You go to Tesco or Giant and you can buy a pack of it with the money they charged us for that size. It might work for Prosperity Burger but definitely not for Black Pepper Burger.

The whole thing about Prosperity Burgers being made available for a certain period of time is a business gimmick created to trick people into buying it. People have the tendency to buy items that are of limited edition or collector's item even there's no practical use to it. With such idea in mind, McD exploits the very weak spot of humans and starts pilling up profits. In the end, it's prosperity for them, poverty - both in financial and health matters - for us.

I rest my case.


manglish said...

hahaaaahhaah so true so true...but u still go keh?

arsene said...

its all their marketing plan....

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~eRiC~ said...

indeed very true with ur statement of them being prosperity and not us.. LOL

kpy said...

lol the title of your post resembles the title for the episodes of The Big Bang Theory XD

成亿 said...

manglish: i'm only human, easily fall prey for these marketing scheme...

arsene: true true

eric: that's why it's called Prosperity's them who prosper from it...

kpy: haha, i modeled after it...XD

Anonymous said...

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