Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Search Malaysia Properties

Well, if you are looking for property to buy around Malaysia and have no idea where to start, type in http://www.propwall.my/ into your Internet browser and off you go. The largest Malaysia's free property resources website available right now, it is definitely the place to go if you are hunting for a place to stay or buy.

The website is simple to use and navigate, with many functions made available to its users. Its design is clean and nice and this will not confuse first time users. They have two lists on their sites, Top Properties and Most Wanted Properties, giving users a rough idea what is hot property in the market right now. There are a lot of photos accompanied with the classified ads and the properties itself to let the users a glimpse of it but somehow I got the feeling that the pictures posted there and the actual property itself will be a lot different.

Other than that, you can sign up as a member of the website for free which has few benefits in store for you. One of it is that if you are a property agent, you can post your properties here either for sale or rent. This website is actually will be a big hit in the cyberspace later, I have a feeling.

Even if you are not a property agent, there are things in store for you too. You can post the property of your dream if you are looking for one. You can post questions on the website regarding property issues and its members will help to answer it. I found out that apparently, Michelle Yeoh owned a unit at Millennium Tower here in Gurney Drive. There is even a map section where it shows all the hot properties in Malaysia.

Granted, most of the properties are either located in KL or Selangor with the third place goes to Penang and a lot of the properties are rather pricy. But this should not deter you from the website as it is really informative. And, after all, there is nothing wrong to look at nice apartments that you cannot afford. Definitely worth being the member.

*If you are wondering what this is, well, it is a website review I'm doing for a job. I'm really broke!*


manglish said...

hahahah how much are they paying?

成亿 said...

RM 20 for one post like this...X-D

4eva sick 1 said...

good for u to gain ur $$$ la..

成亿 said...

haha...true true...