Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back From 'Hiatus'

Haha, almost a month I have left my blog unattended. Well, all this due to the stupid malfunction desktop of mine back home. The monitor was broken in a sense that it keeps blinking, making it unbearable to see anything. Therefore, I've been out of touch from the Internet world for so long.

At this moment, I'm at cyber cafe wasting time as I got nothing much to do while my mum was chatting away with relatives. Too much gossips, not interested.

Just one more week and I'll be back in USM for my final year. How time really flies. Guess then I'll be 24/7 facing my laptop onlining. Will be blogging as much as I can then. Till then, bye for now.

(Very comfy I am right now, with air-cond and sofa and smoke free...)

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pikey said...

Welcome back...