Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Last Week Before The Holidays...

The last week before the mid semester break is full of mid term tests and assignments that to be due this week. What a terrible way to spend the perfect weekend with the nice Merdeka break on Tuesday. If I were locking myself in the room studying and finishing assignments, which I should do and which I failed to do so. The weekend was spent cruising around Penang, with the exception of Sunday itself as there was a test on Monday morning.

To make things a bit clearer, this week before the holidays, on Monday, which already a past tense, I had a test in the morning and an assignment due later in the afternoon. Wednesday, another test and an assignment due. Come Friday, two more assignments. And before that weekend arrived, I had touched almost none of it, with the exception of the Monday-due assignment. Clear???

Now, Monday had came and gone, with the Merdeka holiday fully secured in the afternoon. Most likely, I'm gonna snored till around 11am like that what with the time I'm going to sleep later. Oh yea, I just came back from an outing which lasted for almost almost 8 hours. More information will be spilled later.

It will be busy days ahead what with all the writings needed to be done and readings needed to be finished. Well, there's always a price to be paid for all the enjoyment in life and I'm willing to carry the burden for I really do have fun these few days. Glad that I went for it.

Ooo ya, Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Ke-53 or Happy 53th Independence Day!!!


fufu said...

hahaha wish merdeka doesnt just mean holiday to you... happy belated merdeka :)

ladyviral said...

How was the test?

Late is better than never. Happy Independence day.

Anonymous said...

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Ultraman Jino said...

malaysia day coming. happy malaysia day. haha hope you do well in tests, assignment and whatever.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

成亿 said...

fufu: now it's mainly a holiday to me...

ladyviral: haha, tests over but will face them again...happy malaysia day!!!

jino: yea, happy malaysia day!!! 1st year we celebrating!!!

Anonymous said...

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