Monday, August 2, 2010

Penang PC Fair 2010

These last 3 days, I was working for P1Wimax at the Penang PC Fair 2010. Quite a fun and unique experience for me. Here’s a brief gist on the 3 days of my work.

My uniform and tag

Horrible way to begin my work. I failed to do any sale on that day, mainly due to my slight language problem. I don’t know which language to use in so I stick to English and Malays most of the time. When I did use Mandarin and Hokkien, maybe due to my first day work, it felt and sounded bad. Haha…I was the only one with zero sale in my team.

Determined to fight today, I managed to score 6 sales, the highest in my team and was one of the top 3 top sellers. I believed it’s number two. Out of the 6 sales, one 1 I think is Chinese and it was my manager who helped me finish the deal. The rest were Malays. Somehow, language no longer a barrier and I used whichever languages needed for me to use. Definitely a great moment from zero to, well, not hero la but at least an almost one. Hehe…

My rewards for being one of the top sellers...

I still needed 3 more sales to hit the required targets and 3 I ended up with. By the time I already scored the last sale, I slacked off and produced a half-hearted job already. Haha…No longer have to work so hard already since I already done my part. But I still helped out here and there, helping people to settle their required targets. By the time the whole fair was almost over, the whole telco area was in a mess and filled with screams and shouts and cheers, trying to score some last minute sales.

Throughout the three days, at least all my food were covered, so, I barely spent a dime. It was surely fun and all, but the most dreadful thing would be the visit to the toilet. It was just next to the P1Wimax booth but when you enter the toilet, it’s like trespassing the hell gate. The room was filled with billowing fumes emitted from the cancerous sticks, making the release unbearable. If I were to have more toilet breaks, for sure I’ll be diagnosed with cancer.

Like I said, it is sure fun being able to hit the targets but it will not be so if I failed to do so. All the money earned and the rewards from the second day surely brought smiles on my face. Now, anyone wants to buy the Wiggy from me???

Here's the P1Wimax modem I'm selling...

Please leave a comment here if you want to buy it. I'm selling it off at just RM200. The modem itself is worth RM199 and it's preloaded with RM100 of 1 month of surfing the Net. I have only one modem, so, first come first serve. Here's the link to eBay listing.


Ultraman Jino said...

not interested with wiggy but good job ^^

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成亿 said...

how la buy la...