Thursday, August 12, 2010

Graduation Trip to Cambodia!!!

While the excitements from going to Macau July next year is still in the air (for me, at least), another trip has been planned and air flights booked. This time, it's Cambodia! The whole thing is full of ups and downs, with less than one day of planning and off we go to execute the idea. I already predicted that AirAsia would not be possible to accommodate the huge numbers of us with its RM1 promotion but it is still affordable and cheap.

The booking process is very exhilarating, rushing to get those promotion seats. Luckily, almost everyone managed to secure a seat. It's like a potpourri of emotions. You'll get high, low, excited, disappointment, joy, frustration, happiness, anger, all at one go. I learned my lesson.

Anyhow, with air flights' done, now, it's time to plan the schedule. Can't wait to actually step my feet on their soils. I need to start saving already.


chifanG said...

yup,cannot wait lolx~
post some phnom phnn photo here,hehe
thx 2 u too~

meiling said...

really thx our organiser lo...if nt, we cant go cambodia liao..haha
P/S: MUST go angkor wat ha..hehe

成亿 said...

chifang: photos ah??? wait till we go there only post ma...haha...

meiling: no need thanks me la...i mmg pun want to go there one...and again, Angkor Wat is a must!!!

chifanG said...

yaya,i believe organiser will bring us go D
x angkor wat=x combodia?

成亿 said...

depends who ur organizer lo..if it's me sure will go de...haha

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