Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...

These few days were so BORING that I really can't stand it! First of all, all my Advanced Calculus and Linear Algebra were canceled this whole week because the lecturer went oversea. While I'm happy that the classes were canceled, I need to find something to do to fill in 6 hours of lectures (which he'll replace it sooner or later...). If only it's Applied Statistical Method that got canceled.

In the end, I joined my fellow coursemates for badminton yesterday and went cycling this afternoon. I was pretty much a dead meat after a few rounds of badminton and I was struggling riding my bike uphill. My body all aching, screaming in agony after the game. Then I realised: What the HELL happened to me? What did I do to my body? Or rather, what did I NOT do to my body? I'm only 20 years old, but my body feel like approaching 40. While I won't consider myself fit, I do think I'm OK type, the average type. How come I feel so weak? So, OK, me and sport don't mingle up. In fact, I don't participate in any kind of sport in like, forever? But now...hell, I don't wanna meet Mr Hades anytime soon (by soon I mean in near 50 years!).

On to another thing, there is a Japan Festival 2009 being held in USM, organised by the Japanese Language Society. It had been going on for 3 days already, including today and it'll last till this Friday. There are a lot of activities held such as Ikebana(Japanese flower arrangement), sushi making lesson, origami(Japanese art of folding paper), Harajuku fashion(modern Japanese youngsters fashion style, according to the flyer) and cosplay, etc etc. I did passed by yesterday to have a look at the sushi making session. I just went there for a while as I had stuffs to do later on. But the highlight, at least for me, was the activities held today.

The poster
The entrance

Part of the deco

When I went there, it had already began with the Anime songs street performance. All the songs sung were from famous animes such as Naruto Shippuden, Fullmetal Alchemist, etc and were performed by the JLS members. While the performances were karaoke-ish, I do have to give them applauds for having the courage to sing in front of he audiences.

One of the few singers

Then, came the Harajuku fashion and cosplay. The Harajuku fashion were all gothic and punk-ish and scary. My friend said it gave her nightmares when I asked why she did not approach them for photos. But the best part, I believe, was the cosplay. It was very interesting, seeing some of your favourite characters leaped from the manga and anime to real live person. The models for the Harajuku fashion are not USM students while those participating cosplay are USM students.

The Harajuku fashion

Behind the scene

Chibi Maruko Chan

When I try to take her photo, she went all defensive, telling me not to take photo of her!

One of the MC. At 1st, I thought he was Goku...

...only to realise he was Ken from Street Fighter game!

Watch this! Very Funny!

Kekkaishi anime

Tokine Yukimura from Kekkaishi
Another MC. No idea what he was supposed to be.
Rukia from Bleach.
Rukia and fellow shinigami (death god) whose name I forgot.

Those silly schoolgirls from countless animes aka extra...
Schoolgirl and lolita, another fellow extra

After the cosplay, they had a movie screening. It one of the Bleach movies. No idea which one though.

Another interesting thing is I like how they put up paintings (drawn by students?) depicting the four seasons of Japan.

Tomorrow they'll be having yukata wearing and Japanese Games. I can only go for the yukata wearing event as I got class to attend when the Japanese games begin.


All the photos are by my stupid cam-phone which is incapable of taking any decent looking photos. Same thing goes to the video. If you don't find it funny, it's largely due to the quality. If you were there, you would be rolling around on the floor, having a laughing fit (the laughing on the background can support me).

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