Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thought of the Day

There are many benefits and advantages being Malaysians, but not for music fans for the rules and regulations imposed on the artistes, especially female, who want to hold concerts here are ultra-strict. A female artist must be covered from her shoulders to her knees and is prohibited from doing the following actions: jumping, shouting or throwing of objects onstage or at the audience. Talent may also not hug or kiss, and their clothes must not carry obscene or drug-related images or messages.
The ideal costume for the ladies

As if these gila (crazy) rules don't scare them away, those conservative Muslim groups would held protests and all, trying to get the concerts banned. They would sent their protests to the Government asking for the show to be cancelled, claiming that these concerts are too obscene, too sexy, clash with our traditional value, insulting eastern culture, belittling local artistes, cause losses to the nation's economy (HUH???), and, here's the best part, supporting Israel's war policy. WTH...
The party behind all the protests

Here's are few artistes who had faced trouble when trying to please their fans here:

She was deemed a bad influence on moral values and dress sense of Malaysians. She had axed her show in protest against the strict dress code and over fears of a Muslim outcry over her show. According to report, she also balked at Government rule over sexy outfits and running and jumping on stage. Basically, she refused to wear overall, be motionless and sing. The irony was that she performed in Jakarta, Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country over Malaysia.

Gwen Stefani
She faced the same situation when she first planned to have her concert here. In fact, I think she had it worse. A group of 10,000-member National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students had protested that her revealing outfits and cheeky performances clashed with traditional Islamic values.PAS also blamed her for promoting promiscuity and corrupting the nation's youth. Yet, she went ahead with her concert (with costume change and all) and pleased her fans. Her respond: "I've been in the music industry for 20 years and this is the first time that I'm facing opposition from people who have misunderstood me. I'm not a bad girl."

Avril Lavigne
Too sexy. Seriously, Avril, too sexy? And the promoting wrong values just day ahead of our independence day (her original date was 29th Aug but was pushed forward to 28th) if we're less independence when she's around.

Mariah Carey
Even the great Mariah Carey can't had her way when she was trying to hold a concert here. While she managed to secure a permit, she was clearly not happy about the rules that throughout her concert, she had ZERO costume change.

The latest artist who face problems when trying to have her debut concert here. According to PAS federal Territory Youth Chief Kamaruzaman Mohamad, her brand of music is insulting eastern culture, her concert causes losses to the nation's economy and by allowing it, we're supporting Israel's war policy! The fate of the concert remains in uncertainty.

Mr Kamaruzaman, the joy-killer

The reason I wrote this post is because of what I read on the comic section of The Star today. I was ROFL reading this.


Torres said...

very interesting post

Anonymous said...

U said it man!!! down with these nonsensical joy killers!!! off with their heads...u don like it...jus don watch la!!
~ angry Audrey~

Nicholas Rashidee said...

i hate PAS