Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Super Bored!!!

At this exact moment, I'm at the library, with my Linear Algebra notes and exercises spreading on the desk waiting for me to touch it, and yet I'm reading people's blogs and listening to Taylor Swift's album. I'm BLOODY BORED now!!! Damn you, Tuesday. How come there's so little classes on you and yet your counterpart Thursday fills up my time from 9am to 6pm without any break? It's not my poor time management skill that make me ended up like this. Just that somehow, all the un-ponteng-able classes (they check attendants!) are held on that day.

I'm counting the time now, willing it to reach 5pm cause then I can have SOMETHING to do. Oh, Lord, give me some mood to study la.....


erictbk said...

Hahaha.....my monday and tuesday only have 2classes each...i was bored the whole day too

Torres said...

come on buddy
keep up ur pace
start race now
we lose a lot d
this sem we gonna to be MR.Dean leh

jackychan said...

me 1week aso no classes XD
lagi bored muahaha XD