Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Shit!!! What should I do?

Ok, the situation here...

I got like 4 days off this coming weekend (make it 4 1/2 la since I'm gonna skip some classes on Tues). Nothing to do at all except on Friday night where I have to attend the AIESEC Malam Mesra. There is always an option, that is going back Ipoh for the weeekend. But knowing myself, I won't be studying AT ALL back in Ipoh (I DOUBT I'm gonna study here also) when I got an exam next Thursday.

If I'm not going back, here's what I'm gonna do...
  • clear and organise my room in uni (messy and dirty)
  • study
  • watch those stuffs I've downloaded
  • eat alone (my roommate and friends somehow won't be here this weekend)
  • rot
Somehow, I got a feeling that when my roommate came back, he'll find me like this

If I were to go back,
  • meet up with friends
  • celebrate Chap Goh Meh with family
  • free and delicious meal (and not alone)
  • play cards
  • download stuffs
  • meet up with relative
  • the list go on and on...
I kinda decided already, isn't?


Willy's Diary said...

go home lar, maybe get some one ang pow on chap goh meh LOL some ppl gives and pow on the last day of CNY ^_^

go back and try your luck... furthermore can gamble wakakakkkk

fuzpeiz said...

muahahah..if i were you, i go back wei..
peipei where will so good girl stay back and study and rot to death??
that's like a big no no for me!!!
go back go back go back!!!muahhahahaa

kpy said...

I'd like to point out that the latter sounds much more appealing than being a shrunken head...

Anonymous said...

OMG wat a freaky pic!!!! but funny XD ala i'm used to staying in uni alone on weekends. its not DAAAAAT bad. but still nothing beats home =)

成亿 said...

haha...home is it then...

Ann Li said...

Wakaka we go K lah like that. XD That day me and my housemate found some karaoke places. XD Damn syiok.

jackychan said...

come find me la since i am not working hehe XD

Torres said...

finally u oso decide go bek home
quite sayang cant c u bcome like d freaky pic