Thursday, February 5, 2009

In the Mood of Singing

OMG, I'm singing in public!

Not this pro!

The story's like this:

I was sitting in the foyer hall there with my friend, each of us blasting our laptops with Korean and Japanese songs, recommending this and that. Then, out of boredom, I shift to ABBA songs and started singing along. Then, she joined along singing. Boy, she can sing (compliment here!) and she does sing out loud (at least louder than me!). I was afraid people might come and tell us, "GET A ROOM!"(K-box room OK!). Luckily, it's night and not a lot of people are in the hall.

Now, singing Moulin Rouge! soundtrack...Oh gosh, gonna go K soon...


fuzpeiz said...

my goodness..
1st u transformed into a leng chai..den how what!!
a singer hah??

erictbk said...

ahahahha...go go try for OIAM then...wakakaka
Next time i dun k, must drag u along to K box!!!

jackychan said...

I WANT join hehe XD
i wan go there to shout LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA XD

成亿 said...

pei2: a tone-deaf singer la i'll b...

eric: i duwan b those ppl who go there jz2b on tv...

jacky: come penang la then