Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kung Fu Night 2009

Yes, the show was on last Saturday and only now I begin to write about it. No, not because I'm lazy, more like I don't have pictures to include in it. And now that I got the pictures from my friend, I'm gonna do a brief post about it. Yes, my laziness simply outdo my desire to write more than necessary.

OK, the show was fantastic. Saw a lot of martial arts performances by the members of the USM Kung Fu Club. Some of it were good, some were outstanding, while some rather weak. My favourite were the performances by the Shaolin team and Tai Chi team, Drunken Fist, face changing performance by a lady from China (forgot her name), drums and so on. There were a lot of performances and some sketches as well. And Choy Fong was there performing as well.

Lion dance
Performance by the Tai Chi team...beautiful
Can you spot Choy Fong?
Performance by the Shaolin team...entertaining
Drunken fist...amazing body bending

Besides the perfomances from the members, they had invited a lady from China to perform bian lian 变脸 (face changing), one of the Chinese dramatic art, qigong 气功 performance by one of the sifu, and aikido. One thing that I feel like mentioning were the four emcees. While the three ladies were good at their jobs, the only guy emcee were an unnecessary addition to the already almost-flawless group. In fact, if I can overcome my stage fright, I might even be a better emcee than him. Haha...

p/s: Yes! I finally can skate! Though not as pro as I wanted to be, at least I can skate without relying on walls. OK, I did fell a few times, 5 times in fact, but I learned from my falls. Unlike you who so happily said that you did not fall, but did you REALLY skate? Haha *evil grin*...I might even buy a pair of roller skate once I'm really good at it.

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