Sunday, September 27, 2009

Money And Alcohol

Unlike someone who's heading to Singapore (and probably reached and having fun), I have to go back to Penang for the remaining days of this semester and face the impending finals which is less than two months away. It's time to have my eyes set on papers and books and not my laptop anymore and I mean business!

Yea yea, like that's gonna happen. The percentage of me doing that (I mean completely throw away my laptop) is lower than me hitting the jackpot of the lottery. I will study (not like I got any choices...) and try my best to catch up with the lessons in the class.

Anyway, about the Student Exchange Programme, I had asked my parents about it and this is roughly the transcript between me and my dad and mom (all the conversations are in Hokkien):

Me: (handing my dad the info bout exchange programme)
Dad: What's this?
Me: Student Exchange Programme.
Dad: Go lah. Go lah.
Me and mom: (look kinda surprised)
Dad: Go lah go lah.
Me: OK.
Dad: How much?
Me: Roughly 15-35k for a semester.
Dad: Then, no need go lah.
Mom: Your father's drunk, that's why he ask you to go.

I guessed he's not that drunk since he can quickly retake back his words when the dollar sign appeared. Anyone wants to sponsor me for the exchange programme???


Torres Looi said...

u oso dec go singapore la... jealous ppl wat wo..
nice joke.haha. u can go outside find sponsor or ask math school dean sponsor

manglish said... there a cheaper place to go which cost less than the quoted expenses?

成亿 said...

torres: nice idea le...but u duwan sponsor me meh???

manglish: think it's a rough approximation of how much to spend, what with the accommodation, food, and all...well, have to find sponsor if i still wanna go...

erictbk said...

LOL!!!!!! kesian betul...

成亿 said...

then sponsor me la...pls? T.T