Sunday, March 8, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Due to my EXTREME laziness, I just simply summarized what I did these last few days. Nothing special though. Very boring life I'm living.

5th March 09
Right after all my classes had ended, I went to the terminal bus waiting for my ride back Ipoh. Took 7.15pm bus, reached home before 10pm. It's been a month since I come back. Not that long, I know, but still...Few chances in my house, mainly the arrangement of the furniture and all. Miss my adorable little sister very much. And of course my family la. It's goes without saying.

6th March 09
Stay at home all day. Haha. Enjoying the comfort of home.

7th March 09
Went out today to meet with Eric and Chee Hoe. It's been a while since I met Eric and much longer since I saw Chee Hoe. Had lunch at JJ and we talked and talked and talked about what's happened in our lives and all. Gossips around...Yes, I'm quite kepoh (busybody)...Being back in Ipoh, it's nice to converse in Cantonese after a hiatus. Hokkien rules Penang.

8th March 09
Hang out with family. Don't expect to go anywhere. Shit, my assignments! And the upcoming quiz! Crap! And tomorrow I'm heading back Uni. I'm dreaming of sem break now...

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Torres Looi said...

haha. now u know gai liao.
too late liao. this time quiz i cant help u again. God bless u
waiting u bek..