Monday, December 22, 2008

Back In USM!

Came back yesterday. I'm now residing at Desasiswa Tekun. Compared to my previous room at Desasiswa Cahaya Gemilang (CG), Tekun is FAR more nicer and comfortable. Unlike in CG where the room is dusty, the room here is much cleaner and more windy though a bit smaller. And the best part is it has Wi-Fi (currently unavailable, I believe).


The qualities of the pictures rather bad and does not really cement the differences. I'll post some better ones when I have time to do so.

Now, the bad part. When I went to the key station to get my room key, I was told by the Penolong Something Something Desasiswa that I need to present a passport-sized photo to her first in order to get the key, which, unfortunately, I didn't have it at that moment. I reasoned with her, trying to talk some sense to her to let me have my key so that I put my luggage first, but still, a big, fat no. I can understand that it's part of the policy but the things that crossed me the most was her tone. She was so arrogant and cocky as if she some sort of big shot who decide who get the key and who's not.

Anyway, since I can't do anything, I have to go out to the nearest photo shop and have my picture taken, costing me RM 13.00. What a bummer!

On the bright side, i just found out that Chee Hoe scored 3.99 for his first semester. His downfall was his Ko-K, which he had A- for tennis. Congrats!!! Wish I was that smart.


erictbk said...

Screw that lady!!!
and kudos to Chee Hoe..!!lol

kpy said...

Wow...send my congrats to Chee Hoe btw...genius!!