Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas...Penang Style!

Just came back from Gurney Road counting down to the minute before Christmas (OK, we did not really stay there till midnight, but it still close to 12.00am) with my fellow coursemates. And boys, Penangnites really know how to celebrate Christmas.

Before I went to Gurney Road, we went to a steamboat restaurant which name I forgot in Burma Road (I believe) called Golden BBQ Steamboat Restaurant located at Jalan Nagore. The five of us really applied the 'All You Can Eat' motto and took LOTS of food, till we technically stuffing ourselves just to avoid the fine. When we stepped out of the shop, we were all 5kg heavier (or maybe more!).
This is the restaurant...
...look how crowded it is!

The choices...
Just look at the food on our table!
Me and my coursemates in the restaurant...
...and in front of Gurney Plaza

Then, we went to Gurney Drive to experience the spirit of Christmas. It was crowded with people, mostly teenagers and those in their 20s like us. They were snow spraying each other, wearing Santa caps and devil horns hairbands (what Devil got to do with Christmas?), couples cuddling each other. Just plain crowded. There was even a fire dance performance called 'Semerah Api' (if I remembered correctly).

All four videos are about people snow spraying each other.

Aftermath of snow spray!

Fire dance performance.

We sat near at the roundabout there chatting away in Mandarin, Hokkien, and Cantonese all muddled up. The atmosphere there was very lively, unlike back home in Ipoh where Christmas just comes and goes. After experiencing the way festivals are being celebrated here, I'm going to spend my New Year Eve here in Penang too.
Look at the people and the traffic!
Human or statue?

Photos are courtesy of Qi Fang, Chai Ying and of course, myself. Videos are all from my phone. All those background voices are mostly from me and my friends.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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