Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Spotted: The Devil Studies MSG162

Apparently, the Devil needs to study Applied Statistical Methods too for reasons only He himself know of. I was busy minding myself when I saw the flaming red horns. Quickly, I took the pictures before the Devil himself disappeared like everyone did when they attend the doze-inducing lectures.

There she is, releasing sleeping gas to her victims.
The Devil possessed the unsuspecting student.

Due to my seating (far from the Devil and the FURTHER away from the lecturer!) and the poor-performing camera-phone of mine, the qualities of the pictures rather disappointing as you don't often get a glimpse of the Satan.

Few minutes later, the Devil had disappeared as foretold. Hope He can survives the strong doses of sleeping gas to remain the ruler of the Underworld. You don't want the Underworld to be a mess.

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erictbk said...

Hahaha...that sleeping gas can overpower the devil/satan.