Monday, December 15, 2008

Here I Am Again

Here I am again, trying to publish a blog. This, I believe, is my second-if not third-attempts to do so. It always begin with a passionate yearning to publish my thoughts and views and end with a four letters word: LAZY. Pathetic, I know. Well...Anyway, I'll try my best to keep this blog alive for as long as I can.

OK, my first thought. Yesterday, I went to Taiping, Perak with my family. The main reason was to bring my baby sister closer to nature aka going to the Taiping Zoo. Dark clouds presiding throughout our 45 minutes ride. A sign, really, telling us to abort the trip and just go back home. But, still...

Once we stepped our feet into the zoo,it started raining
. Since we had paid RM 56 for the entrance tickets, we HAD to stay in the zoo. We spent about an hour more or less taking kiddie train ride around the zoo. Anyway, enough about the zoo.

As I said, the MAIN reason is the zoo. The SIDE reason is to shop. If you ever been to Taiping, you might wonder what is there to shop. Taiping is a small, sleepy town, sleepier than Ipoh. But you might be surprised. I know I was.

Besides the usual(The Store, Tesco), there was a new shopping complex known as Taiping Sentral. I'm amazed by some of the tenants inside the complex. There are Sushi King, Kenny Rogers, Old Town White Coffee, and most amazingly, at least for me, STARBUCKS COFFEE!!! They had STARBUCKS COFFEE!!! In Taiping!

And the cinema. YES, they had a cinema, and their movie listings are FAR better than the listing GSC Ipoh had. I'm like, WOW! And more attractions coming soon such as snooker, amusement centre, and karaoke.

Congrats, Taiping residents, you have another place to hang out.

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