Saturday, December 20, 2008

Learn To Say YES...The Smart Way

Ah, Jim Carrey's 'Yes Man'. I watched it with Katherine, Siew Wei and Rern Jern. It has its funny moments like the Korean part, the suicidal man, and other. And I quite like the songs Zooey Deschanel sung in the movie. I'm not really a big fan of Jim Carrey as I find him sometimes over-the-top but I find him bearable in it.

The premise of the movie is something like this: Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) is challenged to say yes to everything that comes his way in his life for one whole year, leading to a series of comic events. That's pretty much sum it up. The idea of a man saying yes to everything he comes across is rather crazy. While I believe it will lead to a whole lots of possibilities and experiences, it too could spells trouble.

Stranger: Can I rob you?
Carl: Yes, you can.

Stranger: Can you help me kill my wife?
Carl: Sure, why not.

It's just stupid to say yes without thinking and also to say no to everything. Life should be a mixture of yes and no.

Check out this song and comment about it. It was featured in the movie.

Oh ya, thanks, Kat, for the treat and the gift.

Uh-Huh - Munchaussen By Proxy (Featuring Zooey Deschanel & Von Iva)

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