Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Resolution: 2009

Haha, the thought of me making a New Year resolution. Well, this will be my first time doing so, and I'm doing it publicly! So, here it is, my New Year resolution (with my conscience keeps butting in...):
  1. Cut down my TV/movie time from limitless to two per day (Come on, are you serious? Can you possibly stop watching Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, Samantha Who, those TVB series in your laptop waiting for you to watch it...Boleh ke?)
  2. Learn something new (Such a general statement!)
  3. Cut off junk food and reduce intake of carbonated drinks (Haha...you're drinking teh-O iced limau while writing this...and it's super sweet!)
  4. Start exercising (You're getting more ridiculous!)
  5. Get into Dean List next sem (Your CGPA for last sem is already 3.41...are you sure you're not writing this just to have AT LEAST ONE resolution achieved?)
  6. Start living actively (By?...another general statement!)
  7. Be charitable! (Hope you can do it.)
  8. Appreciate and love the people around me better. (Who are you refering to?)
  9. Be more sociable. (Are you a standoffish?)
  10. Change myself! (Your resolution is a joke!)
Lord, give me strength to pull this off.

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erictbk said...

Hahaha...Are you sure???