Thursday, December 18, 2008


Now, I'm in Black Canyon with Audrey, Chee Hoe, Pui Yee and Ann Li,just had our lunchs. The food here are delicious, though the prices are moderately expensive (but worth it!). I had Fettucini with Salted Fish and hot cappucino, Audrey had Rice Topped with Roasted Chicken in Garlic and Pepper with Mixed Veges in Gravy and Lime Juice, Ann Li had Spicy Stir-fried Fettucini with Seafood and hot Basil and iced lemon tea, Chee Hoe had Fettucini with Chicken Green Curry and Fruit Mint Tea Punch, and Spaghetti with Chicken Ham Sauce. Photos will be added later.

We've been talking now for almost 3 hours already. Our topics ranged from plain gossips to blogs, lollipop to Stef. We saw Evon, Siew Wei, Shu Xuan, and their friend, by the way.

Right now, we're shifting from Eric to Stef then back to Eric. Their lives just too much fun to talk about. If Stef read about this, she'll get paranoid for sure.

Til now, then.

By the way, thanks, Audrey for your laptop. She's asking for credit.

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